7 Motivational and Inspiring Stories about Finding Courage In Life | Part 1

Many things in this life require courage. Without courage, we stay in our comfort zone and miss opportunities, and we live in a state of pain or grief much longer than we need to live there. With courage, we can accomplish great things and create a life that is worth living. If you need some courage right now, then I hope one of the following motivational and inspiring stories about finding courage will inspire you to gather it and find the strength to do it.

1. A Story About Finding Courage To Deal With The Upcoming Death Of A Loved One

Carlie’s mom was going to die; it was just a matter of when. She had stage 4 cancer and had a life expectancy of under 12 months. Carlie was living in denial and terrified to admit that truth to herself.

Carlie spent the first month after her mothers’ suggested life expectancy, avoiding her mother. She did not want to deal with the grief that was welling up inside of her. By avoiding her mother, she could focus on other things that did not make her feel bad.

One day her mother showed up on Carlie’s doorstep unexpectedly. She had a scrapbook in her arms and said she wanted Carlie to look at it. Carlie and her mother sat down at the kitchen table and her mother opened up the scrapbook and went through it page by page with Carlie.

At the end, Carlie knew that she would no longer hide from the upcoming death. She also knew she would not focus on it either. The scrapbook, full of loving and happy moments between Carlie and her mother, reminded her that her mother’s life was more important than her death and that Carlie wanted to soak up every moment that she had left with her mother.

She started her own scrapbook that same day focused solely on the journey her and her mother were taking together. Every week she filled it up with memories of what they did. Laughter, fun, love, and adventure were the main themes of the scrapbook.

The experiences she shared with her mother, along with the reminder of those experiences as she scrapbooked them, gave Carlie the courage to spend time with her mother, even when she was not doing well. She cherished the life, not the death, and in the end, she learned what mattered the most.

Carlie says the focus of this story is on one of the biggest lessons of her life. In fact, it is one of the most motivational and inspiring stories shared with those she meets.

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