7 Motivational and Inspiring Stories about Finding Courage In Life | Part 3

3. A Story About Finding The Courage To Quit A Job

John hated his job. It made him miserable just to think about going into work. Nevertheless, he did, day after day, because his job was easy and gave him a steady paycheck. It was comfortable to him. The thought of going out and finding a new job scared the heck out of him because he had been doing the same thing for over ten years, even though he had been miserable for all of those ten years.

His misery towards his job was starting to affect the rest of his life. Mostly his relationship with his wife and his health. He would come home and take his frustration out on his wife, which led to fights and loss of quality time needed to keep their relationship strong. As they grew apart, and he felt unloved and unsupported. His health also started to suffer and he was always sick as if all of the healthy energy was being sucked right out of him. He started to take more and more sick days because he simply could not muster up the energy to work.

One day, he went to work and his boss called him into her office. She said, “John, we are going to have to let you go. Your co-workers have caught you sleeping on the job, and your quality of work is just not up to par.” John left the office dumbfounded. He went home and slept the next two days straight so he did not have to deal with the fact that he had lost his job.

Then, one day, he woke up to his wife sitting beside him. She said, “John, losing your job was the best thing that could have happened to you. You hated that job. You would have never left on your own. The universe has given you a gift to find something better and be happier in life. Take it.”

John thought about her words for the rest of the day, and he found that he started to get excited about life again. He realized that she was right. He now had a blank canvas in front of him to work with and could do anything he wanted.

John had always been passionate about music and he eventually created his own business where he gives guitar lessons. He has plans of expanding his business, but for now, he is working at a retail job that he enjoys as he works on his business plan. He has never been happier and he has one piece of advice for anyone trying to find the courage to quit his or her job: Do it!

If a job makes you miserable, leave it. Do not wait to be, fired. There are plenty of motivational and inspiring stories out there of people who were fired or quit their job and still lived a happy life (usually happier).

You can choose to go after your dreams, find a job that you enjoy, and create your own future. There are different paths you can take in life. Choose which path is right for you. You never have to be stuck. If you are willing to get out of bed and put in the effort towards creating a career that aligns with who you are, then it will happen.

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Rick Cox