7 Motivational and Inspiring Stories about Finding Courage In Life | Part 4

4. A Story About Finding The Courage To Live

Rob did not want to live anymore. His girlfriend had left him, he lost his job, his parents had died, and he felt a hopelessness that made living feel unbearable. He wanted to commit suicide, but he was not able to muster up the strength to do it just yet.

He went onto a forum focused on free counseling, and asked the members ‘Why can’t I kill myself?’ The number one answer was that he must have hope somewhere inside of him that was keeping him around. They suggested that he just needed to figure out what that hope was and then build on it to make it so strong that he stopped focusing on ending his life and started focusing on building a life worth living.

Rob thought about it and could not figure it out. He felt utterly hopeless as he cried himself to sleep that night.

The next day he went back onto the forum and left a message saying that they were wrong, he did not have any hope inside of him. One of the members replied, “You are too focused on your grief to find the hope. Before you go to bed, try asking to find your hope in a dream. In your dream life, your conscious mind, now focused on hopelessness, will not get in the way. You should find your answers if you ask for them!”

When Rob went to sleep that night, he decided to try it out. He asked God to help him see where this hope was that was keeping him alive. In addition, that same night, he had a life-changing dream.

In the dream, Rob was standing on a sidewalk and someone was walking towards him. The stranger was glowing a white, soothing color and he put something inside of Rob’s hands. Rob looked at his hands and noticed that the stranger had given him a piece of paper with some writing on it. The writing was fuzzy at first, but then it cleared up and he saw the words ‘Life is an adventure’. He looked up from the paper as the stranger started walking away and he yelled, ‘I love you!’ as he felt an overwhelming sensation of love towards this stranger. The stranger turned and smiled and said, ‘I love you too, Rob,’ and then disappeared into thin air.

Rob woke up and felt a renewed sense of hope. The dream he had was so intense and real that the emotion of love was vibrating through his entire body. Hopelessness had disappeared and Rob suddenly realized what hope he was holding onto. He was holding onto the hope that this life was just an adventure full of both negative and positive experiences. He realized while there were bad experiences, there could also be positive experiences in his future, and he suddenly felt an overwhelming hope that there would be.

Rob found the reason he had not killed himself. He found that piece of hope for which he sought. Moreover, that hope gave him the courage to go forward and see what his future would hold.

He started looking for a new job. He stopped focusing on the loss of his girlfriend and opened himself up to the idea of finding a new girlfriend to love. In addition, he looked back fondly on the moments he had with his parents, knowing that they were an important part of this adventure he was taking on.

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