7 Motivational and Inspiring Stories about Finding Courage In Life | Part 7

For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then shall I know even as I am known. I Corinthians 13:12. When we are hiding from the truth, we are not seeing ourselves as those around us are able to see us. They see the truth, but we are not looking for the truth. We do not even want to believe the truth, but it is there none the less, staring us in the face. When we finally come to our senses, making the commitment to move forward in our lives, we will then see face to face as in a mirror and we will know what those around us know, we need help and it is best we stop playing games and get our lives in order. It is best we take on the responsibilities each of us has been given in order to fulfill the call or purpose of our lives. — Rick Cox

7. A Story About Finding The Courage To Face The Truth And Get Help

Rose was in a place of struggle and denial. Her kids had recently been taken away from her because she had been caught trying to drive high on heroin with them in the car.

Truth is, she had done much more such as prostituting herself to support her drug addiction, and she usually had the kids with her while she did it. She had also been putting the drug addiction before her kids, which meant that they had sometimes gone days not eating a good meal.

Yet, Rose was denying all of it. She was denying it to her friends and family, and she was denying it to herself. She told everyone that she was not using drugs and this was all a big mistake. She blamed everyone else – the people who called CPS, the police, as well as anyone that came to mind. Nevertheless, her story about what happened had holes and did not make any sense, and everyone knew that she was lying. Soon, she had not only lost her kids, but her family and friends stopped supporting her being disgusted by her lies and the life that she was living.

Rose went on for months doing heroin and prostituting herself. She did not fight for her kids. She did not even fight for herself. She just lived in a constant state of need, misery, and denial. During this period, a client raped and beat her in a motel. Housekeeping found her the next morning and called an ambulance, which took her to the hospital. In the hospital, she continued to deny doing drugs and prostituting. Inside, all she wanted to do was get back out and do the very things she was so passionately denying.

In her bedside table, there was a mirror. It was supposed to fold down, but for some reason it was stuck. She told the nurse and the nurse said she would look for another table, but in the meantime, it was all they had. Forced to look at herself as she ate, Rose read magazines on her table, and combed her hair. She had never looked at herself in the mirror as much as she had in that short hospital stay, and as she did, she realized something. The drug use was obvious. The hopelessness in her eyes was obvious.

Rose broke down crying and finally found the courage to admit the truth – her life was horrible and getting worse by the second. Her children were taken due to her lack of responsibility. She admitted it was her fault, no one else’s. She also admitted her choices led her to this place, and she had no one to blame but herself.

Once she found the courage to admit those things, her life changed. She was able to admit that she needed help, and because of that, she was able to get help. She was able to admit that she had been a bad mother and was to blame for what had happened. Doing so allowed her to work on herself. Eventually she was able to get her kids back. Her courage helped gain back the respect of her family and friends, and suddenly she had a lot of love in her life that she desperately needed. In addition, all it took was staring the mirror and allowing herself to see the truth behind her lies.

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Rick Cox