7 Powerful Steps to Positive Thinking

1: Seek to focus on what you want INSTEAD of what you don’t want: One of the biggest mistakes we make when we are faced with a problem is to think and talk about it all the time. Instead, focus your thinking on what YOU WANT…the mind and heart is a magnet for what you want. Remember that so you can maintain your focus on that which is good.

2: Recognize that every problem comes with a lesson: There is a lesson to be learned from all that happens to us. We can become better – even when things have gone wrong OR even when things that are happening to us are not fair. It is our response to that which happens that will make the difference in the outcome.

3: DO NOT BELIEVE everything you think: More often than not our problems are not as big as our mind tries to make them. Do not believe all of those negative and self-defeating thoughts. Keep your mind focused on that which is positive and as stated above, on that which YOU WANT not on what is happening to or around you.

4: Choose to be grateful in everything: Although it is hard to be grateful when things are going wrong, we can usually find something for which we can be grateful. We will find the more we choose gratitude, the happier we will feel.

5: Let go of your need for perfection: If you try to be perfect in everything you do, you will always feel you are failing when you do not reach that pinnacle for what you believe perfection to be. Living like this is to live with constant stress. Do your best for that is all that is required of you. Doing your best is a realistic and achievable goal.

6: Let go of your resistance: Accept things as they are. It is often not necessary to change them. Life is not meant to be a struggle, or a constant battle ground. This happens when we fight all that is around us instead of using what is around us to our benefit. Another way of saying this is, “If we fight the winds that are blowing into our face, instead of using the energy in those winds to propel us where we want to go, the winds will win and we will lose. It is harnessing the energy in the winds to help us rather than fighting those winds only to find out they are much stronger and can last longer. The good sailor knows how to use the wind to their advantage rather than allowing the winds to stop or destroy their ship.

7: Seek to be present in everything you do: When you give yourself completely to living in the moment, you will find life is easier. You should also find life is more relaxed. The anxiety comes from the fear of an unknown future. Know in this moment God is there with you and because He holds the future all will be well because all things will work to your good…

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox