As a Man Thinks in His Heart

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he…” — Proverbs

It is when one starts trying to hide who they are from themselves that their lives begin to unravel. What is in your heart either will or already is, manifest around you. This is true whether you like it or not. To find out what is in one’s heart all you have to do is listen to their speech; for what one treasures is where their heart is fixed. Where and what their heart is fixed on will also be that on which they will speak.

To prove this point, I am going to illustrate it by using what I believe to be the three most common intoxicants in the world. I believe these to be alcohol, drugs, and money. These three little influences can make anyone more of what they are, already. As an example, money does not make you better than someone else nor does it mean you have more value. However, we often see those who make a little money or inherit a little money becoming obnoxious, belligerent, or arrogant. They belittle those around them while acting as if they are better. How foolish. These three intoxicants simply reveal what is already in your heart.

We have all seen those who appear to be nice on the surface, but after a little alcohol there is an ugly side, which is revealed. Like those with money, these people also become obnoxious, belligerent, mean, adversarial and even arrogant. Give someone some alcohol then listen to them talk. They usually become very talkative revealing things they would never usually say however, they will when intoxicated. When people drink, some become loud and talkative while others become quiet; some become angry and belligerent, and some passive; some become bigger in their own eyes while others remain the same. Remember, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth does speak. What I am trying to point out is what is in the heart will eventually manifest itself to the outside world, given the right circumstance(s).

Here is an insight: if you need alcohol or drugs in order to be a better speaker or singer; in order to meet a guy or gal; in order to deal with difficult people, etc., then the drugs and alcohol are only allowing what is already in you to work its way to the surface to be utilized. YOU ALREADY HAVE THESE ABILITIES IN YOU or you would not have been able to bring them forth. The alcohol and drugs only helped you to open certain channels thus allowing what was already in you to come forth. That being true, then it is up to you to learn how to bring these talents and skills from the inside to the outside.

Unfortunately, without intoxicants many are unable to utilize these skills or talents so, they turn to the use of these intoxicants to help them get up in front of a crowd to speak, sing or otherwise be whatever it is they want or wish. As mentioned above, they key is learning to be what you are without the help of intoxicants. It is important to learn to be who you are without the need of these barrier removing stimulants. It is also important to learn to recognize your limits and abilities outside of being influenced by intoxicants.

Why? Well, if you have “little man syndrome with a chip on your shoulder” then after a few drinks you might find yourself becoming ten feel tall and bullet proof. If you are afraid of confrontation, then after a few drinks you might find you are suddenly able to face anything – so much so that you might just become obnoxious and belligerent to the point of being over bearing. If you are shy then after a few drinks you may find you can converse with the best of them where you were unable to, previously. Soon, you find yourself drinking or taking drugs in order to do whatever it is you think you cannot do without them.

At age twenty I attended a party where all the guys were drinking hard liquor out of a fishbowl. They kept asking me to take a big drink like they were doing with someone counting while the person drank. For the first few hours I said NO. Finally, after much prodding, there I was drinking while they counted – I did this twice. I remember starting the second round about an hour after the first, but don’t remember finishing. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember anything with the exception of waking up at 4:10 AM finding myself laying in a hospital bed with IV’s in my arms and a tube down my throat. I had severe alcohol poisoning. As a result of choking on my own vomit my wife frantically drove me to the hospital.

Later, while in the hospital, I also found out I had been in four fights, (remember the ten foot tall and bullet proof guy, well that was obviously me). I even tried to pick a fight with the friend of mine that was having the party. I had done so many things for which I was extremely embarrassed as well as very sorry. What I found out was alcohol made me ten feet tall and bullet proof. It made me believe I was bigger and better than everyone. It showed I had something in my heart that needed to be dealt with and removed. As a result, what I decided was IF THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DRINK THEN I DIDN’T NEED TO DRINK AT ALL I had embarrassed my wife and friends as well as made a fool of myself.

In the months that followed, I did a pretty thorough self examination looking into my heart. I had anger and bitterness in my heart. It seemed I had anger at almost everyone, but my wife. I came to realize what was in my heart came out when I got drunk. All of the anger was channeled toward others, like those who I picked a fight with that night. It took some time, but I eventually learned how to forgive and let go of the anger inside. As a result I was able to see that our lives are enhanced or degraded based on our response to that which happens to us. I was the one responsible for how my life turned out, not anyone else. I couldn’t blame my Dad, Mom, the teachers I had, my friends or even the circumstances for what I didn’t like in my life or for what happened to me or didn’t happen for me in the past.

When I did this my life changed for the better in every way for I began to see things differently and most importantly, life began to respond differently to me. It was as if a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders; one I didn’t know I was carrying. My heart was now cheerful; my outlook on life was better in that I now found a reason to set goals as well as have a spring in my step; simply by changing what was in my heart. My heart had been burdened; full of bitterness and anger therefore, I carried out what was in my heart. When I learned to forgive as well as let go, it freed my heart. With a heart that was free, I began moving in the right direction. It placed me on the right road, which would lead to me becoming what I was meant to be. All in all my thinking became different – FOR AS A MAN THINKS SO IS HE.

It is true, we often try not to think about the things that bother us however, when we are intoxicated some or all of it comes forth – for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and the mouth speaks as the man thinks.

Now that we know as a man or woman thinks so they are, the question is, “What is in your heart? What is keeping you from becoming what you were meant to be? Do you need drugs or alcohol to bring it forth?” Maybe it is time to evaluate and do a house cleaning. It just might be what the doctor ordered to better your future.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox