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“Successful and unsuccessful people are both able to make money however, the ability to earn money does not make one successful. The difference between the two is found in the fact that successful people attract money.  Successful people bring success with
them in all they do…”  — Rick Cox

It seems most of us may have it backwards in that we believe if we make enough money we will be successful. Having money does not make one successful. You could inherit a mountain of money, but still not be successful. You could win money in a gamble, or the lottery and yet, not be successful. It is not what you have materially that makes you a success; it is what you are that makes you a success. Moreover, it is what you become that makes you successful; for what you become will determine what you attract regardless of what is going on around you.

Becoming is a matter of deciding to take the right road, which more often than not is the one less traveled. Precious few decide to take this road as it is never the easy road; it is most always the toughest at the beginning. Interestingly enough, the further down this road one travels the easier the road becomes. Unfortunately, the road that was easy up front becomes much harder the further down that road you travel.

It shouldn’t be difficult to understand yet, often is, that successful people attract money. They do this in the same manner one would attract new friends. When you are friendly, energetic, and happy, people are attracted to you. One would think if attracting friends worked this way then it just might work this way attracting other things; the answer is, it does. Whatever you focus on, whatever you are passionate about will be that which you will attract. If you are focused on being in good health then you will work on being healthy by eating right as well as having a daily exercise regimen. Focusing your heart on something will cause it to become an energy force attracting that which you seek. Is it really as simple as that?

The answer to that question is emphatically NO! If it was, the majority would be doing it. Well, truthfully not all would be doing it as some are simply too lazy to be bothered. It is not easy being friendly when you don’t feel like it. It is not easy being energetic or happy all the time. As a matter of fact, being the opposite is much easier because being friendly, energetic, and happy takes effort; constant effort whereas, the other does not; it happens naturally.

Looking at it another way, have you ever had people who so desperately want to be your friend it was actually creepy? Did you not go out of your way to avoid them? Of course you did. Likewise when you are to this level of desperation concerning money, it will go out of its way to avoid you. The wisest of men, Solomon, told us in Proverbs, “There are those who generously give to others and increase more; there are also those who withhold out of greed, but wind up wanting – the liberal person is enriched while the one who waters is himself, watered.”

In the book, The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Samuel Clason, he clearly states there are those who become so hopelessly desperate to have money they grasp for it like it is the last rope to safety yet; the money sprouts wings flying away. In other words, a desperate person seeking money will no more attract money than one desperate for friendship. Both will be avoided. If you don’t want to be avoided by a friend then learn to be a friend by becoming friendly, not desperate. If you don’t want to be avoided by money then it is absolutely imperative not to become desperate to have it instead, become what it takes to attract it.

Attracting is where the rubber meets the road: YOU HAVE TO BECOME something that will attract. The problem with becoming is that it takes effort. If you are going to become something other than that which you are, then you are exchanging what you are for something different. That exchange in and of itself takes effort for change more, often than not, is painful. Change is seldom a desired factor in anyone’s life unless and until one has had so much drama, trauma, and tragedy, they finally welcome it. It is most unfortunate that it takes something to this extreme to cause one to see or finally welcome the need for change. Therefore, rather than waiting for tragedy to force you to do what you should be doing, learn to recognize what is right and JUST GO DO IT.

The real work that needs to be done in one’s life is to work at becoming. When one works at becoming then they set in motion the same thing process that works for a seed. What the seed needs to be its absolute best is attracted to it from the soil in which it is planted. In the same manner what we need to be our absolute best can be attracted to us from all that is around us. It is important to remember we will begin to attract that which is right for us when we become what it takes to attract what we want. A seed does not work in desperation. It simply attracts what it needs out of its surrounding environment. We can do the same. Everything around is available to us if we will become what it takes to attract it.

The good news is we can attract what we want as well as what we need, but we must not flail about in desperation. To flail around in desperation is to push away that for which we seek. Desperation to get instead of education to become will keep you from your desires.

Remember, success is to be attracted by the person you become therefore, become for when you become then you attract!

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox