Being Wronged

“And your whole life will be affected without recognizing the reason – you may carry this stink for years with the smell getting worse as time rolls on and not knowing why…”

— Rick Cox

Have you ever been close to someone that was hard to be around yet, were unable to put your finger on what it was that put you off? Have you had periods in your life where it seemed people didn’t want to be around you, but you didn’t understand why? The reason can be found in the answer to the following questions: Have you noticed when someone gets wronged or hurt how they respond or react? Have you noticed when you get wronged or hurt how you react? Can you remember back to a time when someone really hurt you? What was the result? Did you harbor anger and bitterness? Can you remember the result of this?

What about a time when you watched friend get wronged; how did they react or respond to that which happened? Can you remember the end result of their reaction of response? Did this person find themselves distant and alone from everyone around them? When you tried to help did they accept and receive it or did they put you in the category of everyone one else? By this I mean in the same category as everyone that was out to get them because at that time they trusted no one. I would venture to say you have seen all of the above if you have lived more than ten years, and to illustrate this point I have put together a story about Bobby. His story just might bring home to you the reality of what happens when people get wronged and negatively react.

Once there was a boy named Bobby, who at seven years of age was bitten by a stink tick. As a result of this bite Bobby winds up with a repulsive body odor. Everybody believes this will eventually go away so, Bobby heads off to the second grade. Unfortunately, because he stinks all of the kids make fun of him telling him to go away; he winds up being a loner. Bobby spends the rest of his childhood angry and alone.

Bobby finally gets out of high school and goes off to work, but his smell is repulsive and people avoid him. Bobby goes to a doctor where he is told to bathe, use deodorant and take some medicine. Bobby does this, but there is no change. Bobby winds up living for the next forty years with no marriage or friends.

Finally, at age 47, the tick comes out and so does the stink. Bobby, although now free of what made him a loner has found that 40 years of his life has been wasted. He is confused and still alone with dreams of empty floating cities. His thoughts are full of a life of no love.

Life can be this way when we get wronged by others, then wind up with a “Broken Relationship”based entirely on the way we reacted to that which was done. A broken relationship is when two or more people interact and as a result of that interaction hate, fear, jealousy, envy, bitterness and the like enters into the heart of one or more of those involved. Did you know that even the chemical makeup of your tears when crying are different than those of someone without bitterness in their heart? The tears of one that is happy and loving are different than those of one that is angry and bitter.

When one that is angry and bitter cries, their body is trying to dispose of the “toxins” that are building up in the body due to the stress of their anger. The one that is happy does not have this toxic buildup in their system thus there is no need to remove it. When toxins build up in the body the result is, WE STINK. In Bobby’s case, at age seven, he was severely wronged by a loved one; it was like being bitten by a stink tick. His reaction brought forth a disposition where no one wanted to be around him, as if he had a horrible body odor. This was due to the hatred, anger, and negativity predominant in Bobby’s heart. He had no ability to love others and did not allow them to love him.

Bobby winds up going through life trying everything to get rid of the smell with the exception of ridding himself of the tick. He reads all of the articles, books, tries colognes, sees his family doctor, then a therapist, and is even prescribed drugs, but the results are always the same. Then somewhere along the line Bobby hears, sees or is told something that triggers the memory of the original tick bite. He deals with the tick and low and behold, the stink problem goes away.

When Bobby finally deals with what he felt was wrong, (the tick bite), and takes the correct action by forgiving the person who wronged him; the problem goes away. Bobby finds the act of forgiveness is the salve that removes the disposition, or the smell if you will, that is driving others away. Bobby is now able to make friends and people, once again, enjoy being around him.

Has your life ever been this way? If so, are you putting off an odor, which causes the majority not to want to be around or hang out with you? Do you find yourself lonely and empty? Go back in your memory to the point of the tick bite. Then get rid of it through forgiveness. This will help you develop the ability to love others as well as allow others to love you. It will remove the life of emptiness thus, providing you a life full of love and enjoyment.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox