“When living at your highest potential, you will not experience burnout…” — Rick Cox

When living at your highest potential, you will not experience burnout. This is because when you are living at your highest potential you are passionate about what it is you do. It is what motivates you to get up in the morning. It is what drives you to make things happen.

When this is your daily life, you will not find yourself bored, or depressed, for you will be living with purpose and a purpose driven life is fulfilling. People with a purpose are not searching for happiness for they are happy in that they are fulfilling their purpose, regardless of what that may be at the time.

Speaking of PURPOSE, there are people at every level of life and they are all necessary. It is not possible for everyone in the company to be the boss. However, it does not mean you cannot be a boss someday. We are all the boss of our own time and that is what is most important. Every job, regardless of its level has to be completed. You may currently be a janitor, work at a fast-food restaurant, be a waiter, an electrician, a painter, construction worker, a secretary or whatever it is you find yourself at this time BUT you do not have to remain there.

You can find purpose by asking yourself what it is you want to do more than anything else in life and going after it with everything that is in you. If you do this, you will eventually wind up where it is you have set your focus. This “PURPOSE” will keep you from being burned-out and keep you from getting tired. It will keep you motivated while providing the necessary energy and enthusiasm to continue living and pursuing that purpose.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox