Capture Life’s Precious Moments

“Unfortunately many of us are somewhere else while life is going on around us – in the meantime we are missing out on being a part of the major and minor events in the lives of those we love…” —  Rick Cox

As far back as I can remember we have always had Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s home. Even when I was a child, my Mom’s family came over with all of the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. This could happen as most everyone lived in fairly close proximity and though a few had to travel some distance, all made the commitment to show up. Christmas was a time of joy, cheer, eating, loving and sharing. Everyone was happy. As we grew older, I do not remember my thoughts ever changing when it came to Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s. The yearly Christmas gathering was always something to which I looked forward.

On the other hand the holidays for some may not be such a happy occasion. Often this is due to the fact the holiday represents “someone precious” to them can no longer share this special time. It may also be a reminder that we have not as yet connected with that special someone with whom to share the holidays. There are many reasons for which the holidays may not bring peace and cheer.

Here is what is interesting; the Christmas Season, although believed by most to be the toughest emotional time with the highest suicide rates, is in fact a time when suicides and overall violence diminishes. Apparently the reason for this is we tend to focus less on ourselves and more on others. Obviously focusing on others helps us to set aside our own problems, even if for a short while.

Unfortunately, when we become solely focused on our own issues we tend to miss a majority of the precious moments happening to those we love in particular as well as those around us in general. The result is we miss out on the opportunity to partner in the making of those great memories. What can make it worse is physically being in the same room or area where the memories are taking place, but not being there mentally or emotionally. This is because in our mind and heart we are somewhere else – regardless of the reasons. Later, when loved ones are talking about the memories you will find you don’t remember; the memory is not yours to have or hold because you were not a part of making it.

Of all things precious, memorable moments shared with those we love should be on the top of the list. We come into this world without any material things and we will leave without any material things therefore, the only things we can take with us are our memories, bad or good. The object of real importance here is to get involved in the making of memories with those you love and those who love you. Doing this will help you in other areas of your life. It will help you to let go of things you can’t change as well as work on what you can. It will help you learn to focus on what is important thereby, helping you to let go of the small stuff. It will also help you see yourself in the right perspective as a husband/father, wife/mother, counselor, mentor or friend. Regardless of what you are, you can and need to make memories with those around you. You NEED TO CAPTURE LIFE’S PRECIOUS MOMENTS when they happen.

I am speaking to myself more than anyone who will read this; for I above all have a tendency to be somewhere else other than where I am at the moment. I am usually thinking about the next opportunity, a better way to market, a better way to manufacture, and a more efficient way to run a business or the next article to write. Still others, though not thinking about business or the next opportunity, are consumed with anger, or bitterness; they are full of jealousies, emotional hurts and the like, which keep them from enjoying the moment along with present company. In the meantime regardless of what it is that is keeping us from becoming a part; those around are making memories and even though we might be in the vicinity we are often not a part of the memories, which are being made.

I am reminded of a previous December, when the man that is now the husband of our eldest daughter, was living out of state, and trying to figure out how to get back so he could propose to her on Christmas Eve. His initial idea was to come in a day early remaining out of sight until Christmas Eve. He was going to rent a Santa suit then come into our home as Santa so she wouldn’t recognize who it was. There was one big problem, he is six foot five and has a low booming voice and thus not a person that might be easy to disguise. There was a ninety nine point nine percent chance she would know immediately. He and I discussed the alternatives, which was I would rent the Santa suit and play Santa for Christmas setting up an opportunity for him to come out and surprise her.

We started looking for Santa suits, which turned out to be what everyone else was doing as there were precious few to rent. Those which were available for rent were, let’s say, less than desirable. Bottom line, I purchased an awesome suit with all of the accessories. As Christmas Eve could be seen on the horizon just a few short days away, other things were surfacing as well. Due to issues beyond our control, our business had not been able to ship product for over five months, which meant we had not invoiced for over FIVE MONTHS. We were also in the process of trying to finish our manufacturing building and as you can surmise, reserve funds were getting low. That can obviously happen when you continue to pay everyone even though nothing is being sold. I found myself a becoming “more than a little short” as things drew nearer to Christmas Eve. Isn’t this the way it always is? We lose it at the worse possible times ruining golden opportunities for good memories?

With the attitude I was carrying I certainly was going to be part of, as well as take with me, a bad memory from the Christmas Eve experience. How sad. A few days before Christmas Eve, in the middle of trying to finish writing the last few parts of The Characteristics of a Good Marriage, what I was writing jerked me into the reality of what I was doing. I stopped writing and asked God to help me rid my heart of this horrible self centered attitude. I said out loud that I wanted to have good memories in my heart not bad ones. I wanted to be part of making good memories not bad ones. I also said I trusted everything would work out as long as we stuck together as a family unit and moved forward together – for that is what it is all about, is it not?

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox