“Character actors always play parts depicting someone else and of course they would for they are actors simply playing a part in a picture show – on the other hand our role is for life – our life…” — Rick Cox

A character actor usually plays supporting or bit roles, which are important to the script and plot. Without these character actors the movie or TV show would not seem real. Character actors play all sorts of parts by filling in the blanks thereby, providing support to the leading actors.

All of us recognize that actors are not depicting themselves however; they are doing their best to become the character for which they are playing. Therefore, all actors whether leading or supporting, are character actors for they are playing the character of the one about whom the script was written. At times the person an actor portrays may be of dubious character; nothing like the actor at all. The actor may be a person of quality; ethics and moral fortitude yet, due to the part for which they were picked, play the character of a liar, thief, devious con artist, murderer, etc.

Playing a part for an actor is what they do for it is their profession. On the other hand what about those of us living in the real world; we are supposed to be ourselves yet, some are not. Some of us are playing parts, but for different reasons. The first reason may due to the fact we are quite young and do not yet know who we are or what we want to be therefore, we are still searching. Still many of us believe we will find our identities in what we wind up choosing as a profession. If we have not chosen a profession then we use this as an excuse for why we are not yet who we are supposed to be. Truth is it shouldn’t matter whether you have chosen a career or not; this does not define who you are. It is your character that defines who you are.

The second reason may be we do not want others to know who we really are. That is to day we might be someone that others would choose not to be around if they knew who we really were. Perhaps we are not of upstanding character. Perhaps we are braggadocios and have accomplished nothing of which we speak. Therefore, we do our best to portray ourselves as someone other than who we are to those around us.

It is important to recognize your profession, your spouse, your children, your home, your cars, your boat, your money; these things do not define who you are and they are not your true identity. There are many people of dubious character with millions of dollars, but they are still dishonest crooks who would steal from their own grandmothers, given the chance. It is best to decide early in life before having chosen your profession to be a person who is upstanding, who is of quality and moral strength, and who is of self-discipline and of good reputation. For your character is who you are when no one else is around; when no one else is looking.

Most of those reading this have probably been in the working world for some time, in other words, beyond that early stage of life. If this is you and you are still trying to define and figure out who you are then I suggest the following: make a quality decision to become a person of upstanding character now. Don’t wait for anything else; for doing the right thing when no one else is looking will have you on the road to developing the most important feature that wise employers seek.

This character will be evident in your speech and everyday demeanor causing you to attract that which you desire. BUT KNOW THIS ABOVE ALL that your decision will be tested therefore, stand fast on your decision and do not waiver. This is when you will become a person of character. Character always is and always will be tested and the fire for the testing is always very, very hot. Mind you, it is worth going through the test for what comes out on the other side is a person great quality and character; worthy of being hired, worthy of trust, and worthy of love.

Many run from these tests, which is why they are always playing the parts and never playing themselves. There have been a few times in my life after failure and defeat where doubt about whom and what I was had me playing character parts. I played the charade for a while, but it was not me. I had to be who I was and that required me being true to self and most of all true to my word. I may not be a lot of high and lofty things, but I am the only Ricky Lee Cox with my finger prints and soul on this planet. My father taught me that one’s word was their bond however; I had to learn firsthand that my word was my bond.

That test was not easy. I was tested to see if I would back up what I said I would do. I could have walked and left others hanging however in doing so my word would have been worthless. Some can live with that, but I could not. Some don’t mind playing the part; they do not seem to be bothered by never having developed personal integrity or character. I found however, following through and staying true to my word helped to not only strengthen my character, it opened up a whole world of opportunities that would not have been available to me had I chosen to otherwise. I believe the same decision can and will do the same for you.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox