Conceive Believe & Achieve Part 2

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things AND powerful things at that; for when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, they can be translated into all types of riches…” — Napoleon Hill

There is a problem with not being able to focus your thoughts or remember that which is important especially as a small business owner. That is because being a small business owner requires a considerable amount of management and oversight. Unfortunately, this wasn’t happening due to the pain, the pain meds, and the memory loss associated with the amount of pain medication being taken. As a result a few of those I hired and placed in key positions were not great choices as they did not have my best interest at heart. The pain, the medication, and lack of sleep began to affect every decision I made, making those decisions foggy at best. When I use the term foggy what I mean is my thinking was clouded, unfocused, and unclear. This led to making poor decisions.

An example of this poor decision making is seen when the doctor that eventually fixed my back was the one I was told to see in the first place. Had I chosen to see him from the beginning, there would have been much less suffering over the five and a half years that followed. Proper thinking would have led to a proper decision on the proper doctor. This doctor had come highly recommended by a friend that had broken his neck. This friend had been turned down by nine doctors yet; the one he recommended for me was the one that gave him his life back. But, alas, my subconscious mind had me following the road of my beliefs – right to failure.

Fortunately, hope was available for me as it is for all that are still breathing on this planet for I had the ability to change my thinking. I had the ability to stop believing the worst would happen; to stop fearing failure; to stop fearing what tomorrow held. I had the ability to begin believing good things would come to me; that each tomorrow would hold the harvest and reward of the good seed being planted the previous day.

What I am saying is an inside belief brings an outside result for what I once was on the inside was what I once believed therefore, it came to pass on the outside. I didn’t want to accept it or believe it never the less, it was true. When I changed the predominant belief in my heart from fear to faith; from negative to positive then things started changing for the positive on the outside. I not only had to conceive success was possible I had to believe it would come to pass. As I worked on building a vision of success in my heart then that which would lead to success began to happen around me; things changed to my favor. People once again responded as they had earlier in my life when I believed in success and achievement. It didn’t take long to put what I already knew back into action with superior results.

James Allen in his book, From Poverty to Power, writes that your world is a reflection of your mental state. He believed as you build within by the power of thought, your outward life and circumstances will shape themselves accordingly. If a man is miserable it is because he dwells in despondent and debilitating thoughts. If a man is happy it is because he dwells in happy thoughts. Whatever your thoughts, that is your real self. From this we find the world around, animate and inanimate, will wear the aspect with which your thoughts clothe it.

How is your world clothed, in despondency or happiness? It may be a good idea to quit shopping at the store that sells those unhappy, miserable and despondent clothes. I am speaking of your thoughts & ideas. It is best to start shopping at a store that sells happy clothes. As a matter of fact it would be best to make sure the store you shop at only sells happy clothes for some sell both in hopes of keeping you on the fence and out of success. In other words, be consciously aware of the fact that what you read, listen to and watch have a significant impact on the daily outcome of your life. Guard your heart making sure you are thinking happy, positive thoughts. As you do the world around you will begin to change. All around you will respond differently as you will be thinking, acting, and dressing better. You will in essence be clothed in the fullness of the success you are attracting.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox