Destiny & Belief

“Life is what you make of it – nothing more and nothing less for life is yours to mold and shape as you wish – but being able to do so depends on your response to your background and upbringing – you are only held back or able to move forward based on your beliefs…even children in Russia, Romania and other less fortunate countries have become successful when they applied themselves – many going on to become American citizens and enjoying the fruits of their own labors – and if they can you can too…it is up to YOU…” — Rick Cox

It is up to YOUR BELIEFS, not someone else’s for it is only your beliefs and your implementations of them that will make the picture you hold in your heart a reality. Ah, but this is where the struggles begin. They begin with having a dream; that is to say you have a picture or a dream to which you aspire, but there are others who have a picture or a dream of what you should be as well. Some of those in this others category use the children and young adults to bolster their own fortunes and fame i.e. agents, producers, directors, managers, etc., strengthening their international prominence similar to those in communist countries do to their children.

Although there are some that would exploit children for their own gain using the child, their gifts and talents for their own selfish purposes, the majority of these others are well meaning in that their prodding is no more than trying to help the child become the best they can be. This is simply being a good coach and mentor.

The key lesson to learn however is though others seek to use you; it is up to you to be wise enough to allow only that which will help you move toward your dreams and beliefs. You do not have to allow others to influence you toward anything other than that which will take you where you want to go. Stated another way it is when you give in to the others and their push on you to become what they want – allowing them to set the direction and course for your life that your life goes elsewhere other than where you wanted it to go. Unfortunately, when you allow others to push you into being something other than you wanted, there is no one else to blame, but yourself – NO ONE.

A very real example of this, which we have all seen is in the lives of entertainers, especially when these entertainers are young, impressionable and become wildly successful. Hordes of users gather round who are willing to, and do use these entertainers to make money for themselves even though it may be to the detriment or destruction of the person being used. At times these entertainers are pressed to be or portray something to the public, which may be contrary to what they believe or what they want to represent. When this happens, it begins the erosion process of their self-worth and character. Jim Carrey once said he is glad he didn’t achieve the level of stardom he eventually went on to achieve for he wasn’t ready to handle all of the pressures and responsibilities, which come attached as part of the package. He was able to climb slowly and make his own decisions versus having them made by others, which is usually the case.

Now, think of the young kids in the communist countries that started out with nothing but a dream and a belief. They had a belief that would allow them to climb out of the mundane existence given them by being born in a place where there are not the freedoms we enjoy of being able to become all you can or be rewarded for being all you can. This dream was going to help them become a success and success was going to give them the ticket they needed in order to get on the freedom jet and off the train to nowhere. While these children followed the prodding and pushing of those around them they held onto their belief of one day being free to use their talents for their own benefit. They would turn this benefit into becoming an American citizen some day and being free to harvest their own crops from their own efforts. The great thing is that many of those who held fast to their beliefs have gone on to see those dreams come true.

It would seem the children from these communist countries were destined to be what the STATE wanted them to be. They were destined to make their country famous rather than themselves. They were destined to portray something to the world other than what was really going on. What has happened however, is many of these who were pushed and who pushed themselves went on to use the notoriety of their success to buy or provide them the ability to gain their freedom and they used this freedom to live in America whereby they could be the beneficiary of their own talents. They held onto their beliefs. They didn’t let the pitfalls and obstacles stop them from achieving what they set out to accomplish.

So, what about those of us, living here in THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY? What excuses are we using for not being all we can be? What excuse do we have for not pushing through these smaller obstacles before us? Surely, these obstacles are not of the magnitude of most other countries. As bad as things may appear to be, there is always an opportunity to provide something of value to someone who is willing to pay. The fulfillment of your dream may contain just what the doctor ordered in some way to serve many millions of people around the world regardless of what that might be. It will not happen however, without holding true to your beliefs.

I challenge you to NOT allow others to steal your dreams. Do not to allow others to push you into being something you are not, something you do not want to be, and more importantly something less than YOU CAN BE for this is often, the path of life.

Those who try to steal your dreams are simply part of the many tests you will be given on your way to becoming all you can be. We are supposed to push back and push forward and keep pushing until we break through. We are not supposed to allow these things to keep us from what we were meant to be.

What is it YOU want to do? What is it YOU want to be? Are you doing it? Are you being it? Are you designing YOUR life and destiny? If not, why NOT?

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox