Developing a Different Perspective to Help You Win at Life Part 3

“It is however, the continuing that is the difficult thing to do – but like a baby learning to crawl then walk, you must keep getting up and keep trying until you win…” — Rick Cox

Ruth played a vital part in how God, in His sovereignty, works in and through all situations even when it seems all opportunity has passed and every door has been closed. She didn’t leave Naomi alone. Ruth chose to go with Naomi wherever she went. This was not happenstance. This was part of a much bigger picture.

When we think all opportunity has passed and every door is closed, it is hard to continue to have hope to face tomorrow or believe that anything will in fact work to our good. But, when we can let go of the pain of loss, and focus on the sovereignty of God, with a true belief that all things can and will in fact work to our good, and when we respond correctly to that which happens to us, then we are able to face tomorrow and whatever tomorrow may bring. We look at life with a different perspective. A perspective of optimism.

If you will think back in your life, looking at the times you have been down and out, and be honest with yourself, you will find there was always at least one-person God had there for you. More often than not however, you pushed them away. There was always someone that cared, someone that reached out, but you were so depressed you wanted to be left alone. Sadly, when we push all away, we do wind up alone. In the case of Naomi, I believe she simply said in her heart, “Whatever young lady, I am depressed and miserable and you can do what you want. You can follow if you want, but you won’t change me. I am a lonely old lady that has been cursed by God.”

All of that started to change when they arrived back in Naomi’s home land and Ruth began to go out and collect the leftover wheat that was dropped or not gathered by the original harvesters. Again, Ruth, being optimistic, thought to herself, I am well able to will go out and pick up that which has been left as it is my right and to bring that home to provide for my mother in law and myself.

When asked by her mother in law about it she told her what field it was and Naomi realized it was the field of a near kinsman named Boaz. As a matter of fact, that near kinsman had also noticed Ruth as she went back each day, a beautiful young lady and told his harvesters to leave this young lady handfuls of wheat on purpose. When Ruth began to return home with so much, Naomi was shocked. It startled her out of her own depths of despair and into recognizing since this field was owned by Boaz and he was a near kinsman, he could claim Ruth as his wife, as that was the Jewish custom. All of a sudden, Naomi got an idea and told Ruth how to implement it.

Ruth did in fact implement it and after all was said and done, she became the wife of the man that owned the field. Now, she wasn’t picking up leftovers in the fields, she owned them. Not only that, soon Ruth was pregnant with a child and when that child was born, it was laid in the bosom of Naomi and Naomi began to nurse the child. She now had a sense of value and purpose with something to contribute as we mentioned in Part 2. Think about it. First, Naomi found a spark in getting Ruth married into the family. Secondly, her daughter in law has a child and this child brings forth new life into Naomi. She now had purpose. When that child was laid in her arms, her breasts filled with milk and she began to nurse that child. The women around her said, Naomi has a son again. This all happened because Ruth wouldn’t leave her. It happened because Ruth scrounged in a field. It happened because Ruth had a baby.

This was all part of God’s sovereign plan. God used a young lady full of optimism and faith to become a part of all that would be born of optimism and faith. She was part of the glass is half full not the glass half empty club. That is truly much of what the Bible is all about. Story after story of optimism and how that optimism wins over pessimism. It is seen in the life of Joseph, Abraham, Nehemiah, Job, David, Jeremiah, Daniel, and others.

We have had many modern-day optimists like Mahatma Ghandi, who led a nonviolent resistance to help India become independent from British rule. He said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Lee Iacocca, who was not only the optimistic savior of the Chrysler Corporation, he was known for the development of the Ford Mustang and Ford Pinto. He believed in we can when everyone else we can’t.

The story of Joseph…

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Rick Cox