Developing a Different Perspective to Help You Win at Life Part 4

“It is however, the continuing that is the difficult thing to do – but like a baby learning to crawl then walk, you must keep getting up and keep trying until you win…” — Rick Cox

Looking at the story of Joseph, like Naomi, he had plenty of reasons to be angry at God, angry at life, and bitter with everyone around him. Born free, being the favored child of his father, he had dreams of grandeur and would share them with his brothers, who, because of his favor with their father and his outlandish dreams, despised him and sought to kill him. Instead they sell him off and tell their father he was killed by a lion.

He finds himself at seventeen years of age, away from his family and in a foreign country, yet he kept an optimistic attitude in the midst of the worst conditions. Sure, he felt as any of us would when he was first betrayed by his brothers. He was angry and may perhaps have been bitter for a short season, but he soon got over it and moved on with his life believing all would work to his benefit. Here he was sold into slavery by a band of marauders and now in a country where he didn’t even speak the language and had no family or friends. This is the first of the disastrous strikes to test him.

None the less, his optimistic attitude gave him favor with the one for whom he was sold, which was the Captain of Pharaohs Guard. Even as a slave to Potiphar, Joseph with his great attitude wound up winning the favor of his owner. As such he was put in charge of everything Potiphar owned. Ah, but shortly thereafter maybe a year or two, the next strike against him comes along when Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce him, but he doesn’t take the bait and winds up being thrown in prison.

What I can tell you is, I do not believe Potiphar believed his wife was telling the truth. I believe Potiphar believed Joseph was innocent yet for the sake of himself, his family and wife, he had to press charges and send Joseph to jail. Truth is, had he believed Joseph to be guilty, he would have put him to death as that was the mandate of that day. This had to anger Joseph even more.

Interestingly however, Joseph finds himself in prison and soon thereafter, winds up winning the favor of the chief jailer. This can only happen when you are not carrying a grudge. When you are free to believe all will work to your good. When you take on the perspective of an optimist. That was Joseph.

Unfortunately, his misfortune wasn’t completed as yet. He’s had two fairly hard knock downs so far, but there is another one to go. He winds up interpreting the dreams of a couple of inmates. He tells one he will die and how he will die and he does. The other he says will be restored to his place in Pharaohs palace. He asks him to speak well of him to the Pharaoh after his release however, this does not happen. A few more years go by. Finally, when the Pharaoh has a bad dream he seeks answers from his staff, but they can’t help him. During this scurry to find answers the wine maker hears of this dream and Pharaohs desire to have it interpreted and remembers Joseph. Joseph interprets the dream and Pharaoh is so taken at his abilities and heart that he makes him second in command. From the time Joseph was sold into slavery till his being placed second in command took thirteen years.

That wasn’t the end of it, when Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt a few years later, Joseph was not angry. He was not bitter. He actually realized that God, in His sovereignty, had placed him in each of those situations. In other words, everything that happened, happened for a purpose and that it was all ok. He even told his brothers as much when he said, “You, my brothers, did what you did out of an evil heart, but God meant it and turned it to our good.” This is how we must view life if we are to get through these things that knock us down from time to time. We should not carry grudges and be filled with anger. We should not be bitter or full of hatred. This only poisons our attitude, making us a pessimist believing nothing works to our good and being angry at and about everything. It is not possible to be an optimist with hatred in your heart. It is not possible to be an optimist when you are bitter. Why? You are not thinking about how you are going to become better or do better, you are thinking about revenge. You are not focused on being more you are focused more on the person you hate and thus you become the part of them you do not like.

The key again is to take on the perspective of an optimist. The optimist believes though everything looks as if there is no possible way the dreams will ever come to pass, they will because you know what God put in your heart and you are not going to give up until you get the promise God placed in your heart. Period.

The stories of Abraham, Nehemiah, Job, and David…

Best of LUCK as you
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Rick Cox