Developing a Different Perspective to Help You Win at Life Part 5

“It is however, the continuing that is the difficult thing to do – but like a baby learning to crawl then walk, you must keep getting up and keep trying until you win…” — Rick Cox

Abraham (exalted father), started out as Abram (father of a multitude). He was the son of Tera who Jehovah had previously urged to leave his family and move to a different land with more promise, but he did not. Then comes his son Abram. He does hear and listen to that inside voice and does leave the familiarity of his surroundings and heads out to explore what is outside of that with which he is comfortable into the unknown. It is unknown because no one in his family has ever done this before. It is unknown because he is leaving that which is familiar and safe and “walking on the water” if you will. It is unknown because there are no guarantees outside of a longing in his heart to become more than what he has seen of any in his own family.

This is the same as someone leaving their own family and heading off into a different career or direction from that which the family has ever known. It is like leaving the family and moving to a different country to study or work. It is unfamiliar, but something in you drives to follow it and you do. That was Abram. He did in fact leave his familiar surroundings and along with his wife and nephew, Lot, set out for the vast horizon in front of him. Only, he was not supposed to take Lot. It is good to note Abram took his nephew Lot with him. This would later become an issue and cause a rift between he and Lot when the land they inhabited became too small for both of their families. This caused Abram to pick up and leave that which he had chosen.

Abram/Abraham ran into one thing after another regarding issues. Yes, it did seem he would succeed in one area but then something would come along and threaten to take that from him. He dealt with many such issues. There was the land issue with Lot as well as the time Abraham had to fight four kings to get Lot’s family and belongings back when they were taken; the issue with he and a king where Sarah was taken hostage and he was afraid of being put to death so he told the king that Sarah was his sister; he had sexual relations with Hagar producing a child and ultimately causing a huge disfunction in his family and home; he was shown the depravity of Sodom and Gomorrah and plead with God to save even a few righteous in hopes of saving his nephew; at the age of 100 finally producing the promised child and then after waiting a lifetime, being asked to give that child up.

There were many other things Abraham ran into however, what is most important to recognize is the fact he stayed strong in his optimism continuing to believe that God would work all things to his good. His perspective is what helped him to win at life. He did not give up. He did not quit. He did not “fully” give in to compromise. Yes, he did make mistakes, but he didn’t allow those mistakes to keep him bound to yesterday or bound to a point of not being able to move forward, becoming everything God had placed in him.

Then there was Nehemiah who overcame many obstacles and yet maintained an optimistic attitude. He was the cupbearer of the king and had become distraught over hearing that his family and friends in Israel were destitute while he was living in a palace in the favor of a king and under God’s favor. His countenance was not his happy cheery self and this was noticed by the king who asked him about it. Nehemiah was afraid as this could have been a reason to be put to death. It was about the king not about you. Your emotions and feelings were not recognized.

Nehemiah shared his heart and the king showed him favor. Nehemiah then asked if the king would allow him to go to help repair the walls of Jerusalem and help his people. With each “ask” of the king Nehemiah was concerned there could be repercussions but his optimism kept him moving ahead. The king granted all of his requests.

When Nehemiah arrived at Jerusalem, he found his troubles had just begun. He faced one obstacle after another. Not only were his own people discouraged and depressed, they were being harassed daily by those around them not wanting them to succeed. Nehemiah recognized he needed to remain optimistic and upbeat in order to keep the enthusiasm sparked in those with whom he came to lead. Nehemiah became that optimistic coach Jerusalem needed in order to help them remain in the game and win at life. He was truly an optimist as he set his goals and achieved each and every one of them. Where was his coach? Where were those encouraging him? They were inside him as he spent time each day meditating on what was in him and what was available to him by virtue of his belief…his optimism.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox