Do YOU Let Others Determine YOUR Worth and Heart?

The story of Medina Spirit, an American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 2021 Kentucky Derby by Glenn Cook

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday? If you did, or didn’t, there is a great lesson to be learned from the winner, Medina Spirit. You see, Medina Spirit was born to a dam that was initially unable to produce milk for him. Less than a year after he was foaled, he was sold for the minimum $1000 (meaning he only received a single bid) at the Ocala Breeder’s Sale.

He eventually ended up with Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert, not however with Bob personally, but with his assistant Mike Marlow. Medina Spirit kept surprising them by outworking the more expensive colts that Baffert’s Stable attracts. What they learned was Medina Spirit had heart.

Saturday, Medina Spirit proved that hard work, discipline, and application of God-given gifts produce a winner. It didn’t matter that Medina Spirit wasn’t as big as the other horses, wasn’t the perfect color, wasn’t as expensive, and didn’t come from Kentucky. He showed up at the race not knowing how little he cost, gave his all-in heart and body and won the Kentucky Derby.

The moral of the story:
“If a horse can do it, how much better can you? OR DO YOU LET OTHERS DETERMINE YOUR WORTH AND HEART?” — Glenn Cook

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox