Don’t Blame Others for what YOU Attract

“Because where you are in life has far less to do with your environment, other peoples’ decisions, and luck then it does with YOU – be it your health, finances, or relationships, everything happening to you is for the most part what you have attracted up to this time…” — Rick Cox

Few would ever admit to or accept the blame for being in the situation or place in which they currently find themselves. Fewer still are willing to swallow the bitter medicine it would take to change it. In order to move forward in life however, change is going to be a required prescription. For example, your current career with its salary is the result of your education, skills, and choices. Whether you choose to remain the same or improve your skills by developing and honing in your gifts and talents is up to you. The operative term in what was just said is: IT IS UP TO YOU! It is not your upbringing that’s the problem for where you are today. It is not your parents fault, your teachers fault or anyone else’s fault for where you are – it is YOUR fault.

Many of us fight what is going on in our lives. We fight our jobs; the people with whom we work; our spouse and or our children; our government; our environment as well as anything and everything that doesn’t go our way. We not only fight, but we blame anything and everything for why it isn’t going the way we want it to go. It couldn’t be our fault we surmise. It couldn’t be that we are undisciplined, uneducated, have a lack of determination or are not tenacious enough to make it happen. It must be ‘something else’ that is causing the blockage. We always find blame with that which is outside of us NOT WHAT IS INSIDE. The truth is it is what is on the inside of us that is determining the reality seen on the outside. Furthermore, it is our response to what is happening around us that is and will determine where we will be tomorrow. This will also determine how many more times we may have to go through the same training lesson.

Many who are reading this either are or have been severely depressed at one point or another. Some have even been to the point of suicide where the mind was so bound with negative thoughts; the only movement was to travel in circles, eventually winding up right back the starting point, but never reaching the finish line or goal. Unfortunately, every time we wind up back where we started the discouragement continues to grow leaving us to believe there is no use in trying. And, regrettably this is true; there is no use in trying IF we are simply going to keep doing the same thing, over and over.

What must be done is to change what we have been doing by changing not only the way we think and act, but all of our daily habits. If I remember correctly, there is a saying about this: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results!” Isn’t this what most of us have done over and over and over again? Of course it is. We will do the same thing over and over all the while blaming everything and everyone for why life is not working out the way we thought it should. We do this because it is easier to throw a pity party than to accept the responsibility of doing what it takes to become all that is necessary to attract what we want.

Truth is, we may want something, but we are not doing OR MAY NOT BE WILLING TO DO what it takes to get it. This often requires a major paradigm change. This change involves working harder on our own personal growth than on our job. We all want what those who plan wisely have, but are seldom willing to discipline ourselves to obtain the wisdom to attract and obtain it. When you look at society today it is easy to see this is the mindset of most, which is why there are those that have and those that do not. The vast majority are unwilling to work hard enough on themselves to get it. What is worse, they believe they deserve it out of a sense of entitlement yet, no one deserves anything other than what they have earned OR been freely given by those that have or possess. Those that have not have what they have by virtue of what they are AND what they are has determined what they have attracted. Therefore, it is imperative to change from within if one is to expect anything outside to change. If one does not or is unwilling to change then, things will remain the same all the while they will continue to blame others for what and where they are – the cycle will continue infinitum.

Learn to embrace, AS A TEACHER, that which happens to you. Learn to delight in overcoming the obstacles sent your way for in doing so you will then be able to attract what you want for you will be in control of what you are thinking thus controlling what is going on in you and therefore, ultimately around you. But remember this, it is difficult to attract when you are filled with anger and bitterness. It is difficult to attract when you feel everyone, but you is favored. If however, you learn to delight in adversity, recognizing it as a teacher, you will find yourself with a different attitude; a winning attitude that will put you over the top. What if you changed the way you thought inside to believing YOU ARE FAVORED! What difference could this make in your life? What if the inner talk, that still small voice in your heart, was confirming you are an overcomer instead of a loser? How much of a difference could this make in tomorrow’s outcome? Trust me it would make a significant difference in all of your tomorrows.

It would seem we are looking for the easy road or the handouts rather than the road less traveled where WE are required to take our own life into our own hands and do something with it. It was Jim Rohn that said, “Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.” Remember, every single person as well as each and every event is there because you have attracted them – WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO WITH THEM HOWEVER, IS UP TO YOU. If you let them defeat you then YOU are responsible for being defeated. If however, you view them as part of the course for learning to develop greater skills and through these skills design a better life then, YOU have succeeded. So, begin to imagine yourself full of confidence, having more skills and operating from a much wiser position in life. You will soon view life from a different VANTAGE point for you will be viewing life from the top.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox