Ensuring a Better Tomorrow

“The life you live, dream, and imagine today will be responsible for creating that which you become as well as what happens to and around you…” — Rick Cox

First and foremost the fact you would commit to something is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, what you will find is a simple commitment will not be enough to get you to your dreams. It takes tenacity and follow-through i.e., “sticking to your guns” if you are going to make anything happen. Therefore, to ensure a better tomorrow one needs to commit to a certain life style today and live this life style every day, not just once in a while. This life style requires planning, creativity, courage, fortitude and hard work. It is not for the weak and lazy. Seems however, the weak and lazy want the same results as those who are willing to work hard to obtain it.

The sad fact is the majority do not take thought of how to make tomorrow better. The result of this thinking is they see no reason to commit. To what would they commit? They have not taken the time to think through the process of sowing and reaping or that is to say, reaping what they are sowing. Their tomorrows are what they are because their tomorrows are the result of what they DID or DIDN’T DO. Usually, when one thinks through the process of why our tomorrows turn out as they do the most recurring thought, is of them doing something bad. If I didn’t do anything bad today then tomorrow should be fine or if you do something bad then something bad will be the result. The truth is you will reap whether you are bad or good, idle or busy, dumb or smart, weak or strong, without or with faith. The reason for this is something is being sown even if you are lazy and doing nothing all day.

Ah, but the result of doing nothing may be more than sowing nothing. When one does nothing weeds are frequently the result. If weeds are left unchecked they often take over eventually choking out any hope of a harvest, making it worthless. Moreover, weeds force you to do things, which cause you to unexpectedly expend energy. What this means is a lazy person now has to work around the weeds just to be lazy. The weeds will keep you from sleeping, resting or lying down and even keep you from doing nothing. The weeds can cramp even the lazy person’s life style.

Enough about the lazy for we are speaking to those who are committed to bettering their life by asking the question, “How can I live today to ensure the best tomorrow?” The fact someone asks the question usually means they will make the commitment to achieve their goals. They will do what it takes to ensure a better tomorrow for they will put enough into today to make sure their tomorrows are filled with a harvest of something other than weeds. The life style of success requires one to take a stand against the constant downward pull, which leads to a life full of weeds and mediocrity. This also leads them into a state of negativity that will allow bugs and weeds to take away everything of value.

So, how should I live today in order to ensure a better tomorrow? Let me answer that by saying there is much more to it than simply trying to live a good life; for simply living a good life will not ensure a better tomorrow. Many people do their best to live a good life, but because of poor planning or no planning, their resulting harvests are meager at best; mean-while those of us who know them watch and wonder why, because they are such nice people.

Being a good person might ensure a good conscience however, it will not necessarily ensure a better tomorrow. There are many “not so nice people” who do quite well simply because they have a plan and are committed to it thus, they wind up enjoying better tomorrows. They may in fact suffer in other areas, but they will enjoy the fruit of their labor if they are committed to a plan.

So, as you can see, just being a good person will not ensure a better tomorrow for just as your life style tells others how good of a person you are, YOUR LIFE STYLE should also tell the universe you are committed to a plan, which includes investing the time and energy necessary to see this plan through to fruition. The plan will need to include how you can best turn your time and energy into a harvest by and through proper and meticulous planning and planting. This will require guarding and focusing our thoughts, dreams, desires, time, and energy toward that which would bring about the image of what is wanted in the heart.

Now that you can see what it takes, you know it is not an easy process. It is hard work. It will not happen just because you want it to or wish it to happen. It will only happen if you work at it. You will have to discipline yourself to make it happen, and may I stress here it will not happen unless you put forth considerable effort. If however, the desire is strong enough, the effort matches the desire, AND you will do what is necessary to make it come to pass then you will certainly become a recipient of your dreams just like you planned.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox