Failure & Success

“Failure is nothing but success trying to be born in a BIGGER WAY. Most seeming failures are just installments toward victory…” — Catherine Ponder

It is how we view life that makes the difference in how we will experience life. If we view everything from a negative perspective, we will see failure as a finality instead of simply being trial and error until discovering what way to take or what works versus what does not for what we are trying to accomplish.

As pessimist viewpoint is from a negative perspective. This person goes into whatever he/she is doing believing it will probably fail anyway. There is no positivity in their thought process. There is little to no belief all will work to their good. There is no hope things will turn to their favor and without hope there is little one can do that will help to keep them motivated toward their goals. As a matter of fact, most pessimists do not set goals. The reason for this is because in setting goals there is a great potential for disappointment, and the pessimist wants to avoid to avoid disappointment as much as possible.

The pessimist sees things as the glass half empty instead of half full. The pessimist sees failure as a sign telling them they were not meant to do or be what they thought they could do or be and therefore they quit trying. If they tried a business and failed then they were not meant to be in business. The optimist views failure as a lesson showing them what they did wrong, what they did that does not work AND what they might need to do the next time to make it successful.

Even victory is viewed differently by pessimists and optimists. The pessimist views victory as a fluke and allows worry to grab hold of them. They wonder when the shoe is going to fall bringing them back down to reality. The pessimist sees subterfuge and ulterior motives in all that happens. This causes them to become paranoid, which negatively affects their ability to interact with others and do their job effectively. The optimist views victory as the result of their properly placed efforts and will use this to help fuel future victories.

When a pessimistic person makes a mistake they allow that mistake to dominate their thoughts and overcome their ability to view is simply as a process that didn’t work and let it go. They beat themselves up and in doing so they lower their own confidence and faith in their ability to accomplish. An optimist figures out what went wrong, fixes it, then moves on like nothing happened leaving that mistake in the past. This allows the optimist to become the better person.

An pessimist has more bad days than good. An optimist has more good days than bad. The pessimist views life as something full of hardship and one bad experience after another. Due to their expectant view of bad always happening, they invite this bad to happen more often than not. Worry and Fear attract like a magnet and what is attracted is that on which the pessimist fears and worries. An optimist views life from the viewpoint there are less bad days and more good days. An optimist knows life is an opportunity and bad things can and do happen to good people, but all things eventually will work to their good.

Pessimists fear trying new things and as a result don’t usually try new things or stretch themselves. They are content to stay in their home or hotel room. An optimist likes trying new things and looks for the fun that will be found in each. This results in pessimistic people focusing on the past while the optimistic people focus on the future because they are not afraid of what the future holds as they know they planted the seed for a great future harvest.

In which category do you believe you fit? Are you a pessimist or optimist? Make the choice to face your fears once and for all and change your future for the better. Take on a new perspective: One of optimism believing all will work to your good.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox