Fantastic Ideas for a Fantastic Life by Craig Coppola

“Becoming financially independent is a journey that changes people, making them more capable of handling the wealth.” — Craig Coppola

I learned the path to becoming financially independent from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki when I was 28 years old. They taught me that getting out of the Rat Race is simple: have enough passive income to offset your living expenses. The key part of that statement is you have to live very inexpensive. There is a new trend called Minimalism that teaches to live WAY below your means and retire early. That was not my path but spending more than you make is an equation for being poor. Becoming financially independent is a journey that changes people, making them more capable of handling the wealth.

Here are a few takeaways:

1. Make good use of your time by investing in yourself, not some useless stream of entertainment. Keep learning, go to classes, read books.

2. Most liabilities may cause temporary joy, but won’t provide you with much in the long term like most assets do. I am an investing junkie. I invest all the time.

3. Having a mentor who shares their experiences with you is like having a cheat sheet for life. They have already done what you’re trying to do and they’ll tell you what actually works. Get more than one. Robert and Kim have been great friends and advisers for a long long time.

4. Determination…over the long haul. You can save for a whole year then blow it all at Christmas or on one trip. Keeping your eyes on the prize for a long time (decades) is paramount.

This is a journey worth taking, trust me.

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I knew from a young age that becoming financially independent was a key value of mine. It drove every decision I made. I evaluated most of my choices based on how they would help me achieve this goal. Know your values, and let them dictate your actions. It’s worth it in the long run. — Craig Coppola

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