Find Out How to Get Production Up and it Will Drag You and a Bigger Paycheck Along With It

As I was going through my daily regimen of reading in the Bible and out of several books, which I do each and every morning of every day, in Napoleon Hills Positive Action Plan for today, it struck a chord in me, which I will share. I was raised in a family drywall business. My dad never got out of second grade and actually was in second grade for five years. He and his brothers were working in the cotton fields for so much of the year they missed a lot of school and wound up being held back.

My dad’s plan, since he didn’t read that well or spell that well, was to have me grow up and get a drywall contractors license. At the time he was contracting under the use of an uncles license. With that in mind, my dad had me driving by myself in his vehicles, sometimes it would be a two ton truck with a cushion on the seat and blocks on the pedals so I could reach them or a half ton pickup. I received six tickets before I was sixteen for driving without a license. Three of those times my dad was behind me in another vehicle and due to getting into a confrontation with the officer, was arrested and hauled off to the precinct, leaving me on the road by myself. I would walk to a 7-11 or a U-Totem and use a payphone to call my mom.

After graduating from high school, I was urged to take the drywall contractor’s license test, which I passed. It required several letters of recommendation from General Contractors who had known me. I was the youngest to ever take and pass and be granted the license at that age, even to this day. I was a few months from turning nineteen when the license became active.

After a few years of working with family, I left the company, much to my father’s chagrin, and went to work in a totally different field. This field involved mechanical engineering and dealt mostly with air conditioning, ventilating, and heating systems for large industrial and commercial buildings. It was very different from what I had been involved in previously and required a lot of reading and study.

What I had learned in drywall, doing what is called “PIECE-WORK”, was I could systemize things and get an incredible amount of work done quicker than others. By producing more I had the potential to get paid more and did so. As I learned the ins and outs of this new field in which I found myself, I wound up doing the same thing. I devised systems and methodologies that helped me to complete my work much quicker. I eventually worked out a deal with the owner and was able to get paid more for what was produced in a shorter amount of time. Unlike most, I didn’t wind up working less, I actually worked as long or longer than the others and wound up making two times or more than they were making in the same two thousand or more hours a year. It all paid off.

With that in mind, I share Napoleon Hill’s Positive Action Plan for February 21. Enjoy.

Find Out How to Get Production Up and it Will Drag You and a Bigger Paycheck Along With It

It’s common knowledge the person who knows the most about how to improve the productivity of any job is the person who holds that job. Why is it, then, we are often reluctant to offer suggestions for improvement? Perhaps we’ve seen too many layoff’s and reorganizations to trust the cracker-barrel wisdom that our goal should be to work ourselves out of a job – so that we can move on to a bigger and better position.

Nevertheless, the old wisdom is still sound. If you find a way to do things better, faster, or cheaper, you increase your value to the company and to your team. You will be asked to participate in planning sessions and quality circles because you have demonstrated you know how to make things work more efficiently. It’s inevitable you will be promoted, because you will become one of those exceptional employees who are too valuable to lose.

I believe you will be able to grasp what is being said and recognize this applies to YOU. Your life can take on new meaning and gain in value, not only to yourself, but your family and company.

By Napoleon Hill

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox