Finding a Heart of Peace

“Filling your mind with meaningless input will fill your heart with agitation; leaving you full of anxieties and thus unable to find peace in your life…” Rick Cox

Tesla…and these signs, what are they telling us? Are they inspiring and uplifting; do they encourage one to grow and become a better person or do they instill fear and anxiety? More than any other time in history, due to print, radio, movie and television media, computers, MP3’s, Ipods, Iphones, Droids, etc., we are bombarded with information of every type and from every direction. There is so much information it is mind boggling. It comes to us and at us from every angle and source. What is most unfortunate however is the majority of the information or words heard or read from the news, song lyrics, magazines and TV, etc., are not uplifting, edifying, or encouraging. These words do not promote self-confidence rather, they instill fear and anxiety.

You are probably saying to yourself, “I appreciate the big eye opening revelation; come on that was easy to see – everybody knew that.” What YOU might not have known or recognized is how this information, THESE WORDS, can and do affect you either negatively or positively on a daily basis. Our minds are actually a lot like computers. As a matter of fact, our minds are more powerful in that they can bring a mental concept into reality. In other words they are able to make your dreams come true. You may have heard the saying, “garbage in garbage out.” It is a computer term meaning you only get out what you put in. Our minds are the same. What I am saying is we must be careful “gate keepers” with regard to what goes in; for what comes out is only as good as what goes in.

We are responsible for what we listen to, read and watch. This is simply another way of saying we are responsible for standing at the gate of our eyes, ears and heart to monitor what we take in. What we take in affects everything we think deeply about and wind up saying. That being said, very few are truly responsible “gate keepers” therefore, very few have peaceful hearts. Very few have a calm spirit. Most are filled with fears and anxieties to the point of having to take one or several medications; all the while wondering why. The antidote to the anxiety is simple: monitor the TYPE OF WORDS AND INFORMATION you allow to fill your mind and heart and you speak?

You, as the gate keeper, have to be vigilant and mindful to listen more to that which uplifts and inspires; that which fills you with faith, encouragement and determination. You have to make a conscious effort to listen less to that which will not only fill you with fear and discouragement as well as remove your drive and desire to overcome the obstacles before you. Believe me, as long as you are breathing there will be obstacles.

It is a sad fact that few truly recognize the power of the spoken WORD or how the spoken word can be used to inspire us to climb the highest peak, run the longest race, overcome the toughest obstacle, ignite a passion, foster a love, or encourage one to become a leader. There are so many positive things words can do. On the other hand WORDS can be used to strip one of all their dignity, courage and self-esteem; they can introduce, impart and instill anger, bitterness and deep hatred. Throughout history, stories have been written of those using WORDS to fill hearts with fear and hate while others used their WORDS to uplift and encourage, filling hearts with love.

There is a quote in the Bible that says, “Whatever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report; if there is any virtue or praise then think on these things…and the God of Peace shall be with you.” This is telling us how to get a heart full of peace as well as a calm spirit. Unfortunately, the majority would have a difficult time, thinking on these things, for the simple reason that we are not filling our minds and hearts with that which will allow us to do so.

As the gate keeper to your heart, I am admonishing you to stand guard over what is going in. In this world of information overload, become mindful of what you watch, read and that to which you lend an ear. In so doing, over time, you will find a peace you haven’t had for years. Little by little you will become more confident. The anxieties, which kept you awake and nervous, will dissipate. The headaches will begin to subside and your excitement for tomorrow will return. You will have a reason to set goals and achieve them because your world will not consist of the fearful picture and future painted from the words spoken by others. The picture you see will be one you are painting of a world the way you want it. You will find it better to design your own life than to live the life others are painting for you.

The choice is yours to make. Make it soon. Make it now. I challenge you to live life the way you want to live it and make it what you want it to be. It will be a much more enjoyable journey.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox