Finding Your Coach & Mentor Part 2

“One of our missions in life from an early age should be to find and follow the right coach or mentor…” Rick Cox

Remember, there is a definite benefit in forming a mentor-relationship to encourage achievement. The fact many do not form this relationship is one of the major reasons they are unable to overcome the many obstacles faced during their life time. Also, as previously stated, it is vital to make sure the mentor chosen is one worthy of being followed for there should be substance behind what this mentor is saying or conveying. In other words, the checks written through their speech or books, should able to be cashed. Truth is most cannot.

As children, we often make our Dad’s or Mom’s mentors or, an Aunt or Uncle; it may even be a teacher or the parent of a friend. As we get older it is common to choose someone outside our inner circle such as a well known athlete, actor or motivational speaker. As a boy, one of my mentors was a pastor, whose church was in the town an hour from where we lived. It was where my grandparents lived. He happened to be one of the best speakers I had then, or to this day, ever heard. His ability to hit one between the eyes with a truth while weaving an emotional story, which would touch your everyday life, was uncanny. It was his belief the mind could only comprehend what the seat could endure. He believed if one is going to share life changing precepts then these must be presented in such a manner where one could apply it to their lives without having to think about it.

When a boy from the third through the eighth grade likes to hear a “preacher” then that preacher must be doing more than reading out of a Bible or off of a written page. His sermons must have been infused with enthusiasm and life. They must have been able to touch one where they lived…his did. His stories helped me to overcome; they helped me to achieve.

Whether Parents, Teachers, Pastors, Athletes, Actors, Singers or Motivational Speakers, you will find there can be many mentors in your life. In order for you to become a well rounded person it can be very helpful to have mentors for each facet of your life. In other words, you may not find in an Actor or Singer what you need for your spiritual growth. You may not find in an Athlete what you need to help you grow your business. You may not find in a Teacher what you need to know to be a better parent therefore; you will find it necessary to choose many different mentors to help you overcome and grow through the many obstacles faced whether Body, Mind or Spirit.

During my life there have been so many mentors; some I have outgrown while others are still influential after thirty or more years. Being raised in a religious family where grandparents and great uncles were ministers and pastors one might only imagine how many sermons I have sat through or heard and how dry or boring they might have been. As many of us already know, most religion is at best boring and at worst able to put one into a coma. While many ran from that which numbed their mind and senses, I sought those who could convey what I knew I needed in a manner that would touch me where I lived. I looked outside the walls of my existence to find those who could help me with my spiritual needs. We all have a need to grow spiritually, but few take the time. Doing so has given me a balanced view of life from all aspects, not just mind and body.

Mentors are necessary throughout life. I have personally used mentors to build a better self image; become a better father, parent, husband, businessman; be better at a craft or skill or used them to help push and motivate me to achieve or become more. In Part 1, we mentioned those who had a natural talent or ability to find and use mentors. We also mentioned those who did not have this natural ability. The good news for those without natural ability, it can be learned. Anything can be learned. Although you may not be a virtuoso like those with natural talent, you can develop any skill. You may have to work at it, but you can learn anything if you want it bad enough.

Then there are those, who by choice do not desire or even fear to reach outside themselves for help; for these, little can be done due to their ego and pride. Because of ego and pride they will not ask the necessary questions for fear of someone thinking they are not smart; doing their best to avoid placing themselves where there is the possibility of “looking weak or inferior.” This unfortunate mindset believes that asking a question exposes a weakness. One may be perceived as weak when in fact asking questions in and of itself a sign of strength. It takes a stronger person to say they don’t know, but are willing to learn than to float through life as if you know it all yet, have nothing to show for “all you know.”

Life is full of questions just begging to be answered. But these questions cannot be answered unless they are asked or unless the answer is sought out. In addition, when questions are asked of a role model, coach or mentor, one of them may in turn ask what is going on in your life, which might be affecting what you are doing; hence, exposing the need for accountability. It is here, where the truly successful of the future are shown strong. It is here where the strong separate themselves from the weakly failures of the present; for by choice the strong have decided to choose and follow that which will help them become all they can be. They will not allow their pride and ego to keep them from their goals. How about you? Make a decision to humble yourself. Learn, not only to ask, but to ask the right questions. It is a process; but following this process through will have you filling the right shoes; the ones meant for you to fill. Make it YOUR MISSION to find and follow the right role model, coach or mentor. You will be glad you did.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox