How to Be What You Want

“Whenever YOU decide you are worthy of becoming and having whatever it is you desire, YOU will become what it takes to have it…” — Travis Bozzano

Unless you believe you are capable of being or doing something, you will not be capable of being or doing that which you desire. Regardless of how bad you want it, unless you believe yourself capable of doing it or becoming what it takes to fulfill it, you will never be able to experience it.

When I first got started in business, I studied many books on business success. I listened to all of the cassette tapes as that was the communication method by which one could learn by listening at the time. I watched the video’s and yet with all of that knowledge, it wasn’t happening as I had predicted it would or should. I even began to dress differently as in all I had studied, it said one should dress for success. I went from wearing work clothes to wearing a nice shirt and slacks and a tie. I even graduated to wearing a nice suit coat once in a while. Doing this did not make me a success. Doing this did not ensure I would be a success. Although dressing nicer did make me feel better about myself, it didn’t bring success. There is a simple reason and that is because success isn’t to be found in the clothes you wear. Success is found in what you have inside you and if that which is inside you will not support what you want, you will not get it. And, if you do get it by some happenstance, you will not be able to retain it like the vast majority that win the lottery, but are unable to hang onto the money they win.

I have a close friend I admire immensely. He has been very successful in his business ventures. If you did not know him well or know of his abilities, you might be one to misread him and even underestimate his business acumen. When he sold his first business to a company out of Boston, they took him for a backward hick and did their best to beat him down, but when the dust settled, he wound up buying his business back for pennies on the dollar and then a few years later sold a portion of it off for another small fortune.

If you were one to judge someone by the way they dressed, you might assume he was not a man of means and substance. In doing this, you would be grossly off the mark. What is in him is the “knowing” that he can do what he believes he can do. He believes himself to be capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to do and has proven that time and again. He isn’t remotely concerned about being the best dressed or the most proficient in his communication skills, what he is proficient in is his ability to believe in himself and know whatever he sets his mind to do, he can, and will do it.

Why is this? It is because he decided, as Mr. Bozzano said above, that he was worthy of becoming, achieving, and having all he desired. He didn’t let what others thought of him keep him down. He didn’t let not being the best dressed in the room keep him from having the best business acumen in the room. He didn’t allow his struggles with being dyslexic stop him from building something that has provided him a beautiful and rewarding life.

What he has done is what all of us need to do IF we want to have something more tomorrow than we have today. We must decide we are worthy. Are you? If you don’t believe it, it will never happen.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox