In Search of Innovation by Nido R. Qubein

Creativity may be the agent of change, but innovation is the agent of excellence. The difference is subtle – but significant.

You see it in the business world. Innovation establishes a defining line between managers and leaders. Managers deal with the present reality and try to make it work under new circumstances. Leaders improve on the present reality to meet the future’s requirements.

Look at it this way; learning puts you in touch with the past, but innovation puts you in touch with the future. And, you too can cultivate the quality of innovation by thinking outside the conventional channels. Here is how:

  • Never become married to an idea. Walk away from ideas that don’t work and go looking for something that will. You can learn from failures and build upon this knowledge.
  • Prowl for new knowledge: Always be reading a new book, exploring new places, absorbing new experiences, and drawing on the knowledge and experiences of the people you meet.
  • Do not be afraid of the future: See it as an adventure, not as a looming storm. The status quo is expendable. There is no such thing as the “new normal.” In your world, you must remember: CHANGE IS CONSTANT.

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Rick Cox