It Won’t Hurt – If You Hold It Right

A gardener known for his flowers loves giving his roses away because he believes it is a way to show friendship and caring through beauty. Once, when he tried to hand a gorgeous rose to a close friend, the friend seemed more aware of the thorns on the stem, than he did the rose.

But the gardener stopped his friend and showed him how to grasp the rose right below the flower so his friend wouldn’t get hurt.

“If you know how hold the rose, it won’t hurt you,” he told him.

A moment of life is like that, isn’t it?

If you know how to find the good in it, even a sad moment can’t hurt you.
Instead, it will bring you joy, increase your faith, and help you to focus on the beauty of the world!

All of us go through hard times in life, it is however, the way we view and deal with these hard times that will make the difference on how our tomorrows turn out. Like the friend above that didn’t know how to grasp the flower, many of us do the same with life. We cower away from life by not trying to better ourselves. We focus on the negative rather than the positive and wind up with the negative like the person focused on the thorns. This happens because we are afraid we might get stuck by some of the thorns of life and our fear, which is our focus, brings that to pass. This is how and why many of us have been and continue to be stuck by the thorns in life.

The key is to change the way you view life. If you are a pessimist you will only view the thorns and not see the beauty of the rose. If you are an optimist you will see the rose as that is your focus. With your focus is on the rose, you will grab the stem area right below the rose because you will see it is free of thorns. In other words, take your eyes off the thorns and focus on the rose. Take your eyes off of what you fear might happen and place your eyes – your focus, on what you want to happen. You will grab what your focus is on so get your focus on something that will bring sunshine and beauty into your life. It will change the way your tomorrows turn out.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox