Learn to Live NOW

“It is best to learn as early as possible a major portion of your life will be spent solving problems and overcoming obstacles – the sooner this is learned the easier life becomes…” — Joe Caruso

The normal life, regardless of where you live, will be filled with problems as well as a mountain load of obstacles. Some are fortunate learning early this is a part of life, while others struggle with the reality of it their entire lives. For many, there is a common mindset of once ‘these problems’ go away, life will finally begin. It is as if life should and will be different from what is happening to them every day once the problems go away. The reality is life is filled with problems and obstacles. The challenge is learning to enjoy life while dealing with these problems and obstacles all along the way.

Unfortunately, as stated above, the majority, wait to start the process of living until after these problems and obstacles have subsided or are gone. What they find however, there is always another obstacle, another problem, or some unfinished business, which has to be dealt with or overcome. What one often learns, but far too late is this: you can’t wait until all of your problems are handled and all obstacles are overcome to start enjoying life. These problems and obstacles are your life; for when these problems and obstacles cease so, will your life.

Time and again people come to me for advice, but what they are told is not often the advice they were hoping to hear. Usually, I tell them to get started immediately on whatever it is they feel strong about in their heart at the moment. In doing so, they will learn to live life to the fullest. The words are not even out of my mouth before they blurt out why this is not possible. These excuses always consist of money, time, or education. They will also blame the spouse, the children, circumstances, etc…blah, blah, blah.

They are simply making excuses for why they can’t enjoy life right now. These excuses almost always boil down to:

1. Everything isn’t perfect
2. All of the money isn’t in the bank
3. The business isn’t yet strong enough yet
4. The children aren’t grown
5. The economy is bad
6. I haven’t yet received the promotion I was seeking
7. They didn’t give me the raise I was supposed to get
8. My spouse might get laid off

I am sure you get the point that life is full of problems and obstacles, for this is the natural order of things.

The single biggest factor helping anyone overcome this type of thinking is for them to change their perspective, outlook, and attitude toward how they view life. The quickest way to do this is to recognize problems and obstacles are a part of life and thus, are here to stay. In other words, quit seeing yourself as a victim. By not taking on the victim mentality you will stop fighting everything that is happening to or around you. As a result, you will no longer avoid problems and obstacles, but will find yourself dealing with them, head on.

It may be of significance to learn when things are faced head on you are able to stop or severely limit the ability of these problems and obstacles to adversely affect your life. Stated another way, this allows you to start living while solving the problems and overcoming the obstacles encountered in life.

When viewed correctly, problems and obstacles become lessons, which can help us to broaden, deepen and stretch our level of conscious thought. It is an enlarging of the mind and heart, if you will. In the long run facing and dealing with obstacles properly, makes of us better, more-well-rounded people. With the proper handling of each set of problems and obstacles we find we are capable of handling the ‘next set of problems and obstacles’, without them deflating and defeating us. We find we are no longer under the cloud of depression or oppression we once found ourselves under each time we faced or was hit upside the head with another problem.

More importantly we find we are not afraid of the phone ringing, the incoming mail, the meeting we were asked to attend or what tomorrow may bring. Our outlook on life has taken a different view of things and fear is no longer on the throne. We know we can and will control our lives and will make our life what it is we want that life to be. We are no longer allowing fear to bring to us that which we fear, but are using faith to attract that which we want and we will get it.

So, let the problems and obstacles come for they are simply tests to prove you are ready for the next level of achievement and the next level of success. In the overcoming of each problem and obstacle there is also an equal or better level of satisfaction. Like Napoleon Hill said, “In every adversity is the seed for an equivalent advantage.” Make it so in your life.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox