Do Not Squander YOUR Time

“Cherish the chase as much as you treasure the trophy…” — Joe Caruso

Every day should be a part of the journey you have mapped out on your way to obtaining your goal. And speaking of mapping things out, there are many who have this part dialed in as they check and recheck their progress toward their goals each and every day as well as multiple times per day on their way to reaching their goals. Unfortunately, there are those that do not have this part in place and will suffer a loss of ability to reach any goal as a result. However, even those that have the ability to set and achieve goals often do not cherish the chase on their way to obtaining the trophy.

As a result, both often miss the journey of life not learning to enjoy the time spent getting there – wherever there may be. For those who set goals, they know where there is, at least for them. On the other hand many wander through life not knowing where there is, but hope to be there some day. Those knowing where there is are in a race as if chasing the rabbit (the goal or prize) in hopes of catching it. One would think it easier for those not racing to have time to enjoy the journey yet, oddly enough they don’t seem able as they are often caught up in dramas of life seeing only the worst of what happens instead of the best. Whatever life style choices one makes, remember to take pleasure in, as well as receive pleasure from, the journey.

It is not uncommon for men and sometimes women, to enjoy the chase much more than the catch for there is a certain thrill to the chase, which is gone once the catch is made. Most of our life is taken up chasing our goals. We chase from one goal to the next, but seldom do we take the time to enjoy the time spent on the ride in between the achievement of each goal. The journey of life is precious yet most miss it during the pursuit. Life is more than simply gathering trophies to place on ones mantel or praise me wall, for there are days, weeks, months and years spent in the pursuit. It is what happened to you, through you or around you during those days, weeks, months and years of pursuit that is often just as important as the goal itself.

In other words, there may be a greater reward in what happened to, through or around you on this journey than the all the trophies you seek. Unfortunately, it is the thought process of most not to be bothered by the needs of others during this journey, for this might hinder or hamper the pursuit of one’s quest to obtain their goal. This type of selfish attitude will not only get in the way one’s ability to enjoy the journey of life it can keep one from getting all they were meant to obtain had they become a channel of blessing for others.

Think about the times you have been so focused on something only to be interrupted by a friend, your child or spouse. Your response to them was short and curt. You had no time to be bothered yet their interruption was not intended to hinder your chase or keep you from obtaining your goal; it may simply have been a cry for help; a search for wisdom or, some guidance they believed you could provide. It could have been your child in need of spending precious time with their Dad or Mom, but you were too busy. Your spouse may have needed a hug, a shoulder to lean on or simply an ear to listen while they talked. Whatever the reason, it is a necessary part of the life’s journey; one indispensable to living a life of passion and achievement. We can get so caught up in the chase we miss the scenery; our focus becoming so narrow we are not capable of seeing the wonders of life along the roads we travel.

Here’s the deal, you certainly can live with a narrow focus, thinking only of self as you strive to reach those lofty goals; for we all know, based on the laws that govern this world, if our focus is strong enough we will reach them. Unfortunately, you may be missing out on so much that life has to offer such as playing a significant role in the lives of others. This is most important with your family, but can be just as important to a stranger; whom you will only be able to help if you set aside your own pursuits, taking a moment to find out what is wrong and how you can help.

The pursuit of achieving goals and obtaining trophies teaches one how to focus their energies and passions. Seldom however, will achieving those goals and trophies match the satisfaction of a life that is lived by enjoying the journey all along the way. Therefore, I encourage you to learn to cherish the chase by taking the time to: smell the roses; smell the rain; watch the cloud formations; listen to the ocean waves crashing against the shore; sit on the side of a running stream with crystal clear water; listen to the birds; pet a dog; sit at the foot of a massive water fall; watch the lava flow out of a volcano; climb a mountain and sit in the clouds; hug a friend; love another; learn to feel what it is like to lose as well as what it is like to enjoy the exhilaration of winning. You can start by taking the time to skip some rocks across the lakes and ponds with your friends and family. I suggest you do yourself a favor by not waiting until tomorrow to start for tomorrow will never get here. May I suggest you start today and better yet, start now.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox