“Most of the limitations that keep us from realizing our full potential are artificial. They are imposed on us by circumstances OR BY other people… Rick Cox”

All of us face limitations at one time or another in our lives. These limitations, as stated above, can be imposed on us by circumstances going on in the world around us. The country in which we live may be an undeveloped third world country or one under communist rule that is not allowing or providing us the opportunity to grow to our potential. A bad economy causing a depression in economic growth, bad politics that might shut down a major construction project at which we are working, the bankruptcy of the company for which we work, and many other similar situations are the circumstances which may be causing limitations on us. There may also be devastation from bad weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc., causing us to lose everything from our homes to all personal belongings. How will we respond?

In many cases we wind up taking on the role of being a victim. I say take up the role because this is a choice. We have the ability to choose how we will respond to that which is happening to us. We not only have the ability, we have the right to choose and by golly we are going to choose. Unfortunately, we often choose to be AND remain a victim. Being a victim however, is a choice.

Regardless of what has happened or is happening to you, you do not have to remain a victim. You can decide to take what has or is happening and become something better for the experience. This is what John Walsh, the father of six year old Adam Walsh, who was abducted and murdered decided to do when he worked hard and succeeded in starting a nationwide TV show by the name of America’s Most Wanted. He decided rather than remain a victim, he would take the experience and allow it to aid him to become a person with the ability to help thousands and that he has done. Had he decided to remain a victim he would have sat at home and felt sorry for himself, not growing or becoming something of value to thousands he knew would and were facing the same thing.

What about the thousands of victims after Hurricane Katrina as well as those in the great depression and those who lost their entire savings when the institutions in which they had their money, the Savings and Loan institutions, went bankrupt in the 80’s. Many lost everything but some chose not to remain victims, they chose to become victors.

When things are happening to us, “CIRCUMSTANCES”, we often feel helpless and hopeless. We feel we have no recourse because everyone is being dealt the same cards due to the circumstances. The key is not to remain a victim. The key is to decide to be victorious over that which is doing its best to deal you a bad hand. And speaking of being dealt a bad hand, what do you do in a card game? Do you have to keep this hand? When you are dealt a bad hand and recognize it, do you just say, “Well, I got dealt a bad hand and I will lose.” No, you discard a few of the cards and ask for new ones. What if the ones dealt the second time are bad as well? Then you don’t quit the game, you play another hand and or play till you win.

When children begin the process of learning to crawl, walk, run, or ride a bike, they don’t fall the first time and quit trying do they? NO, they keep trying until they can crawl, until they can walk, until they can run and until they can ride a bike. Yes, they get bumps, scrapes, bruises and cuts but they don’t quit. They keep at it until they win. These children DID NOT ALLOW THEIR IMMEDIATE LIMITATIONS TO KEEP THEM FROM REALIZING THEIR FULL POTENTIAL. The circumstances that faced the children were weak and untrained muscles but through practice they were able to eventually become fully functional, using the body as designed.

Jesus said, “Unless you become as a little child you cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” I believe He was telling us we must look at life in the same manner as a child. We must keep trying until we win. Notice, the child did not become a victim of the weak muscles or the many failures. The child kept on trying until the ability to crawl was mastered. The child then continued trying to walk until that was mastered. The child then began running and that was mastered. Then the child started trying to learn to ride a bike and that was mastered. During all of the “TRIALS” there were plenty of failures and the child could have become a victim of those failures but choose not to be a victim of the circumstance but use the circumstance to become a victor.

No matter what you are facing, no matter what you are going through, you can come out on the other side as a victor. The CHOICE is yours to make. What will it be? As for me, I have chosen not to be victimized by anything that should happen to me. I have chosen to be a VICTOR.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox