Living Life with Purpose Part 1

“There is one quality which one must possess in order to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it…”— Napoleon Hill

As I embark on writing this series, I am inspired to do so through watching a living example of Purpose in a longtime friend. One who has overcome so many obstacles that just a few of the ones he has faced would have STOPPED the vast majority from even trying. Yet, he persevered not letting that which most of us would have used as “A GOOD EXCUSE” for not trying stop him from achieving his dreams. As I have watched him over these past twenty five years, I have watched for what it was that made things happen for him. When I saw it, I realized it was also that which works for all who are successful: they are all living with Definite Purpose.

There are quite a few very good books on the reason for having or for developing a Definite Purpose in your life. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is a very good book and I would suggest it as one of your required reads to help aid you to become all you can. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is another. Hill was one of those who pushed having a definite purpose in your life and his quote is in the header above. He was of the belief if one had a single major definite purpose they could and would achieve that which they desired. The sad thing is most have no definite purpose in life other than simply surviving. Without purpose there is no direction and without direction there is no achievement. There is even a quote in Proverbs 29:18 stating, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

Purpose is what life is all about. To live life with purpose gives one the incentive to do all that is necessary in order to live a successful life. This may include a daily workout regimen as well as the right diet. It will include time for personal study and growth not only intellectually but spiritually. The spiritual aspect is what will help keep you energized, happy, focused, joyful, and excited about life as well as willing to share that which you have with any and all.

The Bible is a book about living life with a purpose. Most religious writings are about purpose and therefore, most religions are about finding that purpose. Though each religion may differ, the premise of having purpose is the same. When one joins AA it is about a purpose. The purpose is taking life ONE DAY AT A TIME. By living life with this purpose one finds it easier to get through life instead of living life thinking about not having what they want or desire for the rest of their life. Their purpose becomes something other than that upon which they have been focused for their previous focus was on something that kept them from being and producing their best.

From the time we are born life is about purpose. As a little baby the purpose is to learn to communicate and to move themselves from one place to another. At first they communicate by crying to let us know something is bothering them and soon they begin to crawl. During this same time they have a purpose: to go from crawling, to walking, and then to running. The purpose of walking and talking becomes a goal the child works at until that purpose has successfully been accomplished.

In those early days of childhood, learning to communicate and walk was the sole purpose. Somewhere along the way however, many of us move away from having a major definite purpose in life. Had the child lost its definite purpose of learning to communicate and walk, they would be greatly handicapped as they grew older.

There can be many reasons for this, but it is often due to not wanting to deal with the struggles that living a life of purpose requires. You can overcome this particular struggle however, by making a quality decision to live a life of purpose on purpose. When you resolve there is no other way to live, then living a life of purpose becomes easier.

I can compare this to dealing with the struggles of everyday life. If it hasn’t happened yet, sometime or many times during your life you will face struggles and or obstacles that can, if you let them, slow or completely stop you from growing and becoming all you were meant to be. However, if you make a quality decision to respond in a positive, optimistic way when things do not go the way you would like or take a turn for the worst, you will find in the long run they will work to your benefit. You must be of the mindset that all things will work to your good. This is living with an attitude of optimism.

The struggles of life are simply being used to test your mettle. They will reveal the cracks in your armor. They will show you where you need to shore up your character. When your character is such that you will do the right thing each and every time regardless of the circumstances, then you have passed the test and are ready for the next level. At this point things become much easier and life becomes much sweeter.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox