Living Life with Purpose Part 3

“Having a Definite Purpose is the single largest difference between those that truly succeed at getting what they want and those that do not…” — Rick Cox

We left off with the statement:

When you are a person of Definite Purpose, you are not waiting for circumstances or other people to create opportunities for you. You are consciously creating your own future by being focused on your own definite purpose for which you have set your sights.

We are visual/imaginative creatures. We can create based on our imagination or what it is we focus our strongest emotion on and want the most. This was the reason Napoleon Hill said over and over again that those who are wildly successful are those who DEVELOP A BURNING DESIRE for whatever it is they want to have, become, or achieve. You must be able to see what it is you want out of life if you want to be truly successful.

By having a definite purpose you will do as Brian Tracy said: “Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday.” In effect you will be following the Pareto Principle, which states roughly that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Stated differently we spend far too much time on that which will not bring about what we desire. Too much of our time is spent putting out little fires and being distracted by this or that all the while taking us off our focus. We must learn to focus on that which is important – that which will get us what we desire.

I have used this before, but it bears repeating. When you are focusing on getting ready for a vacation, isn’t it amazing how dialed in you can get and how fixed you can be on making everything happen the way you want it to happen. The same applies when you have a burning desire to have a new car or home. My wife and I looked for a home for just over seven years. We looked every weekend and often during the week. We focused on a certain size and type and remained singular on what it would look like and how big it would be. During this time we did have our periods of discouragement, but we stayed on it and then it happened, we signed on the dotted line and the home we now live in was ours – it was a dream come true.

My friend lived life in the same way. He had a purpose. He wanted to build his company up to a certain point and sell it. He kept working on his personal and company goals and kept his focus on the big picture until one day a company came along and purchased his company for big money. He sold the company, which provided him with enough money to invest and live quite well on the proceeds from the investment for the rest of his life.

Not satisfied there, he purchased the company back several years later at a few cents on the dollar and has recently resold it for another small fortune. With the two sales and some other insightful business moves, he has been able to put himself in a place that most will never know. His single-minded Definiteness of Purpose has put him in a place of receiving the desires of his heart.

This is what all of us wish would happen to us, correct? If you don’t, I definitely do. But this didn’t happen to me. As previously stated, when you live life with purpose you are not drawn about or blown about by anything that will keep you from your purpose. You will do as Brian Tracy said and that is to spend eighty percent of your time on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday. You will do more than this, for you will wind up staying focused on that which is most important, not that which is least important. That is the case of my friend.

In my case, as time went on, I wound up getting off the main focus of my purpose. I became more concerned about how I was dressed and looked to the market place rather than whether my actions were bringing me toward my ultimate purpose. I didn’t do that by design, but as the main business began to grow, and as I started other businesses as well, little by little I became too concerned about how I was dressing and how I was perceived by the market place rather than the purpose for which it all started. The truth is, your results will speak louder than how you look.

You see, I simply wanted to be a success. I had thought success was all inclusive and that being a success would grant or give to me all that was necessary to live the way I pictured. Oh, there was so much to learn. I had not, in my definite purpose learned from those that knew about wealth. I had not specified a certain amount nor would I have known what to do with it if I had received it. Due to this lack of focus and direction as well as a lack of specific purpose; I found that making money was easier than keeping it. This was different from my friend who had a Definite Purpose of receiving a certain amount of money; an amount that would allow and afford him to live a life of luxury for the remainder of his years as well as leave an inheritance to his children.

Because my friend stayed focused on his Definite Purpose, he built a team of wealth advisors who helped him; not only hold on to what he had made, but grow it even larger. Because my focus, my Definite Purpose was not specific on what I wanted, the result was that I made money, but was unable to keep it. I thought perhaps it was due to the way I came across to the market place. Perhaps it is the way I was dressed. Perhaps… The questions were endless, but the answer was the same – I was not focused on a specific Definite Purpose OTHER THAN SUCCESS. Though I made money and appeared to be a success, I was unable to sustain it due to the fact the picture of my purpose was not complete as to what I wanted specifically as a number for what represented the level of wealth being sought.

Success to me was having a big company making money and me looking like I was a success – that is exactly what I received seeing as how that is all I saw. When I didn’t get what I wanted while it appeared others did then I felt cheated…

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox