Living Life with Purpose Part 4

“Having a Definite Purpose is the single largest difference between those that truly succeed at getting what they want and those that do not…” — Rick Cox

I left off last time saying I had felt cheated when I didn’t get what it was I wanted when it appeared others on the other hand had better results. Truth is I was the one to blame for not receiving the results desired. As you may have already found out by now, it is always easier to blame circumstances, others, or any number of things outside of yourself for why things are not working in your life. In any case, the fault for the failure will be yours. No one else will ever be able to take that away from you – you are responsible for your own future.

What is even more important is EVERYONE IS BORN with the ability to be definite, but few will actually be disciplined enough for as Napoleon Hill put it, “You can take advantage of definiteness of purpose in the same manner you take advantage of building a strong physical body – through discipline and effort to remain definite.” As a matter of fact Hill went further by stating that Definiteness of Purpose was the starting point from which all who become self-determined in life must begin. When a person is not definite, they easily succumb to simple bribes and get off course.

When one has set a Definite Purpose in their life in one or many areas, you will quickly see they stand out and are different from the vast majority. Those who have adopted definiteness of purpose as a policy are those who are on the forefront of life. Those who are definite are those having successful lives, or businesses, or marriages, or children, or perhaps a few or all of the aforementioned. When you have made or adopted Definiteness of Purpose as a policy in your life you will not be one quickly drawn off course or heading in the wrong direction. Your policy to have definiteness of purpose will keep you on the straight and narrow.

My friend, the successful business person we have been speaking of in this series on Living Life with Purpose, has made it a policy to stay committed to his wife and to keep her as the apple of his eye. They have been married over forty years and his heart still burns for her. He developed this as a young man when he first met the lady that is now his wife. Upon telling his father about her his dad said if she is the one that you believe her to be then you must commit yourself to her and never waver from that commitment. He has done that and beyond. It is easy to see his love for her and just as easy to see her love and respect for him.

There is a simple reason Definiteness of Purpose works and that is because when you make it a part of your philosophy of life, or stated another way, a policy by which you will always live then you are not as apt to get off your focus or find yourself drifting as Napoleon Hill put it. Hill said once anyone procrastinates, hesitates, or becomes indefinite about anything they are one step away from defeat and failure. They will not be a success because they will not be on the success highway due to the fact they have drifted off of it onto some other road that leads to failure.

Often when people have a mindset with Definiteness of Purpose, they are viewed as being hardened or cold when in fact this may not be the case. The truth may be simply due to the fact they are not going to allow anything to get them off course and will not waiver they are seen as indifferent and cold. In most cases quite the opposite is true. They are simply focused. Their Definiteness of Purpose has them fastened on their goal and their strong image of that goal will not allow them to be drawn to the right or left. Next time your supervisor, manager, or boss appears to be hard or unwavering, remember they may be focused on the final result and in order for them to reach their ultimate goal they cannot waiver. Give them the benefit of the doubt and simply move on.

It may also help you to learn that a weak plan applied with Definiteness of Purpose can overcome a strong plan applied with indefiniteness. We have all seen this many times in those whom we thought there was no way they would ever be successful, but by applying Definiteness of Purpose we saw those seemingly uneducated and unlikely to become successful, become a success. On the other hand those that were educated and likely to succeed did not. This was simply due to the underdog applying Definiteness of Purpose while the one with the better education and seeming better ability to communicate and win over those around him, failed to apply Definiteness of Purpose. This person was indefinite and actually thought things would fall on them like ripe apples off a tree because they believed their education would make them all that and more. Unfortunately, they did not apply that which is necessary and failed as a result.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox