Look See & Perceive • Part 2

“There are many who believe they see and although looking, are unable to perceive what they see so the best of life passes them by…” — Rick Cox

Part 2

In Part 1 we stated most arrogant people are often in need of working on the very things for which they condemn others. They have the ability to see that which needs work in others, but unfortunately not in themselves. We also said a person of humility, having reluctance in their approach, were often doing the right thing. People of this character type know they are not above or better than others. They know they too struggle with doing what is right and need to work on their own faults and short comings. It seems arrogant people are incapable of seeing their own faults yet, seem very capable of seeing the faults of others. On the other hand, humble people do not look for faults in others, choosing rather to focus on their own faults.

James Allen gives a great example of looking and not seeing in his book, The Secret of Health, Success, and Power. He writes of a man who had for years tried everything possible to rid himself of a painful disease. The man went from one town to another to see one doctor after the next. Not being satisfied he eventually moved from doctors, to charlatans, to faith healers, but it was all to no avail.

Finally, one night in a dream, the man was approached by a Presence, which asked, “Brother, have you tried all the means of a cure?” He replied, “Yes, I have tried all.” “No you haven’t,” said the Presence. “Come with me, and I will show you a healing bath, which has escaped your notice.” The afflicted man followed as the Presence led him to a clear pool of water. The Presence said, “Plunge yourself into this water and you shall surely recover.” The diseased man quickly plunged himself into the pool and coming out the disease had left him. At the same moment rising out of the water he saw written above the pool the word “RENOUNCE.” Upon waking, the full meaning of the dream flashed across his mind and looking within he discovered that his condition was the result of a sinful indulgence, which he vowed to forever renounce. From the first day of implementing the vow, the affliction began to leave his body and soon he was completely restored to health.

The Presence asked the man if he had tried it all to which the man said he had. Even though he thought he had tried it all he had not for the Presence told the man, “Come with me and I will show you a healing bath WHICH HAS ESCAPED YOUR NOTICE.” The Presence was telling the man he had looked, but he had not seen. As stated previously, there are many things, which can keep us from seeing. A few of these are having a poor and demeaning attitude, a critical spirit, being selfish, being bigoted, being quick to condemn others, etc. In the case of this man however, it was an over indulgence, which caused the blindness. This over indulgence did not allow him to see that for which he was looking. What is most important however, is when shown what it was, HE ACKNOWLEDGED AND RENOUNCED IT thus, opening his eyes to that which would bring the healing.

All of us have something on which we need to work; something to overcome, that in doing so, will help open our eyes. I was no different. I had hated my father, but didn’t realize the degree or the adverse effect this hatred was having on me. One evening after hearing a great sermon I began to confess in my time of meditation the feelings I had regarding the sermon. As I prayed with my eyes closed all of a sudden I heard, felt, and saw the howling cold wind and snow blowing against a small corrugated tin shack with a red light on the outside. As strange as it seems, though the winds were blowing and howling, I could hear the faint sound of a crying boy.

The next thing I knew I was inside this little shack looking at little boy sitting in the middle of the floor crying. Behind the little boy was a couple engaged in the act of intercourse. As I moved closer the boy’s face came into focus and somehow I knew it was my Dad. He was six years old. I also somehow knew it was his mother (my grandmother) behind him. Seeing as how she had no education and was raising three boys with a non-existent husband she had turned to selling herself in order to feed her three boys.

My grandfather was never home, often being gone up to two and one half years at a time while running boot legged liquor, running from the law, or doing a stint in jail. I instantly knew why my Dad had a lack of respect for women. Then I saw my father as an adult walking the floor saying out loud he had done all he knew to do. Even though I argued with God, I knew the next step was to forgive my Dad then ask him to forgive me. This was not something I wanted to do.

The hatred, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness had, up until that time, kept me from being able to see as well as from becoming all I could be. Through acknowledgment and forgiveness, I came out of the experience a new and better person just like the man acknowledging and renouncing his overindulgence. In the days that followed, I went from being blind to being able to see. My eyes began to open in the same manner that man’s disease began to disappear. My life became richer and fuller.

Now and then, when I find myself unable to see, I know it is because I have been critical of others and or allowed time constraints to bind me to thinking pessimistically. It might be you are experiencing the same thing too. If so, now you know at least two ways that cause the blindness and how to change it…so I suggest you get on it as soon as possible.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox