Make That TO BE List

“We’ve all run into people who are constantly late or often absent from work. Those who do not push themselves or perhaps feel fatigued because they have to keep up with the pace of life. They have the TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday blues. But every day can be Friday if you work at it. The bottom line is this: What you choose is what you get.

Take Collin Smith. He was fourteen years old and a three-sport athlete when a car accident broke his neck. He couldn’t move from the chest down, and a wheelchair became his legs. He chose not to let that stop him. When people asked him about it, his response is, “Things in life happen. You got to let it go and move on.” This he did. At age twenty-two, he graduated from High Point University.

The people to admire do not live by a “to-do” list. They live by a “to-be” list. In other words, they want to-be more generous, learned, reasoned, and patient. Those people living by a “to-be” list have discovered wisdom – an education that serves them well for life…” — Nido R. Qubien

The issue with most of us is we react to what happens rather than respond. If we are interested in having a life worth living, we must learn how to respond rather than react. When a doctor gives us a shot, they wait to see whether our body will react or respond. If our body reacts they need to give something to counteract the reaction, if it responds, they know the shot they gave is doing what it was designed to do.

Reacting or responding is something you choose. When you choose correctly, your life is fulfilling and your days more enjoyable. Collin Smith proved that when he chose to respond correctly and in doing so is now moving ahead with his life instead of being defeated by it. Collin chose to-be something. He chose to be patient. He chose to be thankful. He chose to be kind instead of hateful and bitter. He choose to learn rather than feel sorry for himself. He chose to make a difference rather than have others defer to him. He decided the only handicap was how he thought so although he was physically impaired, he chose not to be impaired in his thinking.

We so often sound the woe is me horn and whine about what is and isn’t in our life rather than being grateful for what we have and doing something with it though it seem less than what those around us may enjoy. The choice is ours to make, which one will it be?

Be grateful and make something of that which has been given to you and effectively AFFECT the lives of those around you in a positive manner.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox