Medicine and Your Own Intuition

“Modern medicine, for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively.” —Deepak Chopra

The body in and of itself is a magnificently designed organism. When you add intuition to the mix, you have a machine, for lack of a better term, that is unduplicated in any manner, anywhere. It is the most advanced computer ever designed. It is the most complex information processing system in existence.

Dr. Werner Gitt said, “If we take all of the human information processes together, conscious ones such as language, control of information and deliberate voluntary movements; unconscious ones such as information-controlled functions of the organs, hormone system, etc., this involves the processing of more than 1024 or One Septillion or One Quadrillion pieces of information. This number is higher by a factor of one million or is in essence a million times greater than all the knowledge stored in the world’s libraries.”

The problem is, we do not listen to our bodies, our heart-intuition, or mind, that might be trying to tell us something bad or good. We need to learn to pay attention to that still small voice in our heart that tells us when to back off, when to push, when to buy, when to sell, when to walk away, when to say something and when to be quiet. We need to hear that inner voice that says listen to that child, listen to that stranger, listen to that minister, motivational speaker or coworker, listen to that subordinate, or that voice of reason. Unfortunately, we do not. What we do is make up our own minds based on any number of skewed reasons, because in many cases, we have not been around the block or through enough experience therefore, we bully our way into disaster instead of being steered clear.

When it comes to medicine, what is not taken into consideration is the mental, emotional, and spiritual state of the person taking the medicine or medical advice, say from a psychologist or psychiatrist. What is going on in in our minds and hearts plays a huge part in how the medication or advice is going to work.

Many writers, James Allen and Napoleon Hill were two examples, believed we could sit in meditation and from within we would be able to bring forth all that would be necessary to help us enjoy a successful life. This takes patience and tenacity. It is not as easy as one would think. It isn’t sitting around sleeping or loafing off. It is actively meditating about our future, how to better it, how to grow as a person and become more. It is how to ensure a better tomorrow.

On what basis can I say this? I say this because on this planet everything comes from a seed, just like we do. Anything that is derived from a germinated seed, has in that seed, all that is necessary to make what that seed all it needs to be, in order to be its best. When speaking of plant seeds, every seed has within itself the ability to attract what it needs, IF and only if that seed is placed in an environment where it can attract what it needs. If not, if that seed is left out on the counter top in a jar for decades or hundreds of years, without soil, sunshine, and rain, it will remain a seed that is capable of becoming, but cannot due to the surrounding circumstances. Even once the seed grows it cannot move and place itself in another area should the area it currently is planted, become to desolate to sustain it.

As human beings, we come from seeds and have in us everything we need to become that for which we were created. Said another way, we can attract to ourselves in the same manner any seed does, that which we need in order to become and enjoy all that God has created. Better yet, should the place we are currently, become desolate and unable to sustain us, we have the ability to pick up and move elsewhere to greener pastures, if you will. No other animal does this. No plant is capable of doing this – this only abides in humans. Before you go off half-cocked, to dispute what I said about animals, if the sea should become uninhabitable for the whale or any fish (by the way I know the whale is a mammal), can it move onto land? No. Human beings can move from water to land, land to water. Human beings have lived in space for years and are very adaptable. No so much for animals and plants.

In my case for example, if I eat something that does not agree with me, I usually wind up getting a headache. For years, since childhood, I did not know what it was that caused the headaches. I wrote it off to sinus issues based on allergies as that is what my doctor had believed. I have only recently, by listening to my body, found it best to begin to log down what I ate when those headaches come and eliminate them. I have also found it best to fast food for at least one day a week. This has helped to reduce these headaches tremendously.

This is why we must learn to listen intently to our bodies allowing ourselves be guided by that which is already inside. That which is already inside, like the seed, will get us all we need and help us to enjoy all we want.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox