Men are Eyerotic & Women are Earotic Part 1

“Most adults know what EROTIC means, but they do not realize there is a difference in the meaning of eroticism for men and women. For men eroticism means ‘EYEROTIC’ and for women eroticism means ‘EAROTIC’…” Rick Cox

Part 1: Men are Eyerotic

Male or female, it should be quite obvious to most, well before the age of fifteen, that men are sight stimulated. It should also be quite obvious that sensuality and sex are used in marketing to promote the sale of almost all products. From the billboard, TV, radio, magazine covers, and all other advertisements, all marketing is primarily sex based. A vast majority of the ads are sensuous in nature. Those on the radio since they cannot be seen, use the sensuous voice of a female OR the deep sexy voice of someone like Sean Connery.

Just in case you have not noticed it before, the majority of these ads, with the exception of the radio, require that you can see them. Surely this plays a part in exacerbating the problem men already have with being sight stimulated, but it is not the reason men are the way they are. Most men are sight stimulated by nature. There are those that are not, but this is the exception and not the rule.

As a general rule, if there is one thing men think about, dream about, seek, desire and will go to just about any length to get, it is sex. In his over twenty five year research of successful men, Napoleon Hill found most men were not successful until the age of 46 or thereabouts, because they were unable to focus their thoughts on anything, but sex. Stated another way, most men do not think with the brain God gave them so much as they are greatly influenced by their drive for sexual gratification or conquest. The focus is not on the right goal. Their focus is more on instant gratification, which will not invest well and bring forth a harvest for tomorrow.

Again, as a general rule, most men will respond in the following manner: A man is eating and during his consumption of food or shortly thereafter, his mind returns to sex. He is sleeping and even during his sleep his dreams are about sex or of a sexual nature. He is at work and should be working, but his mind drifts off into sex in some way shape or form. His thoughts can be about his wife, girlfriend, coworker, or someone he has seen he thought was sexy. He can be playing golf, or any other sport, but his mind will often return to sex. Only those that are highly disciplined in keeping their mind focused will be able to contain the thoughts of their mind to staying focused on that which has long lasting results. In reality, a man’s thoughts can be on anything, but won’t be there for long because his thoughts will soon return to sex.

We spoke of magazines above and how they promote sex. As a matter of fact, you can go to any magazine rack and what you will find are magazines about food, running, cars, motorcycles, flying, boating, etc. What is on the cover of these magazines? On the food cover it will say, “Try this food for better sex.” On the car, motorcycle, or boat cover is a picture of a scantily clad lady. On the cover of the running magazine it says “Running for Better Sex.” Airplane magazines even showed women pilots that were scantily seductively dressed. Media experts know sex sells and thus they use it whether the publisher is male or female.

With most men, it only takes a glimpse, even if it is only flash to get his blood rushing, his heart racing, and his thoughts focused on sex. The fact men are sight stimulated is also the reason they were not originally chosen for and are not good candidates for babysitting, nursing, or many other jobs where they are involved with members of the opposite sex. Being sight stimulated means they could be aroused by the sight of another in an inappropriate way, which would not be good. In order to put them in a position of such responsibility would take intensive training and discipline to ensure boundaries were not crossed nor advantage taken of others of the opposite sex. On the other hand it is much easier for a woman as she by nature is not sight stimulated.

Like any profession for which one trains, it is possible, to rise to a position of discipline and focus so as not to allow anything outside your focus to run or ruin your life. However, as we all know even some of the best doctors, counselors, therapists, ministers, preachers, etc., have allowed their base physical desires to bring them to ruin. They were overcome by these desires, gave in to them and set aside all common sense, common courtesy, human decency, and the result is often the damaged life of the victim and the ruined life of the person allowing their baser instincts to rule their life.

All of this, or the majority of it, starts with what a man can see. His eyes wind up being the window to the erotic sights that stimulate his base desires. It is the wise man that learns how to channel this energy into something of greater and lasting value rather than something that brings about immediate gratification. It is the immediate gratification that becomes a problem for most men. This often stems from childhood issues of wanting to feel wanted or needed or valuable. When a man finds he can satisfy the ache with immediate gratification, he often quits trying for the long term goal or objective. For the short term he wins by gaining a sense of gratifying a need, but winds up losing out on that which is of the greatest value, his true desires, goals and dreams.

A good wife or partner can help a man in this situation find his true sense of self by helping him keep his focus on the real prize rather than on that which stimulates his libido and only achieves a very short lived state of bliss. Her approach must be genuine and delicate, but it is very possible for her to help him navigate the road to true wealth and accomplishment rather than spending his time on worthless sexual conquests that bring no lasting value to himself or anyone for that matter. By staying focused on achieving one’s dreams and goals, the accomplishment or accomplishments are often a blessing to the world around us rather than the result being something which only serves self.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox