Men are Eyerotic & Women are Earotic Part 2

“Most adults know what EROTIC means, but they do not realize there is a difference in the meaning of eroticism for men and women. For men eroticism means ‘EYEROTIC’ and for women eroticism means ‘EAROTIC’…” Rick Cox

Part 1: Men are Eyerotic

It is quite true that men by nature are sight stimulated and as a result are ‘Eyerotic’ however, in the same manner men are sight stimulated, women are sound stimulated. The way to a woman’s heart is through her ears. The way to get a woman to notice and pay attention to you is to speak that which is proper and romantic into her ears. It is the right music, the right words and the right treatment that will set the stage to get a woman’s libido going. It is not so much her sight. Yes, there are women that are sight stimulated, but this is the exception and not the rule. And yes, women do like what they see, but it is not what they see that turns them on, it is what they hear that completes the cycle for them.

Women by nature do not get aroused by what they see. Eroticism for a woman is the result of a process, not an eye’s view, such as it is with a man. It is a result of romantic action on the part of the one they love and this romantic action isn’t something that happened over the last ten minutes or since he walked in the door from work. It is the result of a note he left that morning before he went to work and it started by something he said to her last night before they fell asleep. During the day she is now thinking of the kind things he has said and done along with her mental version of what he is to her and what he represents. All of this winds up setting the mood for her. All of this winds up getting her libido going.

There is so much more to the process for most women than for a man. A man and woman can both be witness to a tragic accident, in which people were horribly injured or died, yet the man can block out what he has witnessed very quickly once he looks at his wife and his mind goes into hyper sex drive.

I remember such a night when my wife and I were returning home from an evening out with friends. It had been a great evening, but I was all excited to get home. She was flirting with me as I was driving. She was taunting me and all I could think about was getting home and the two of us getting down to business. We were actually on the interstate when no more than two hundred yards ahead of us there was a large fiery explosion, which rocked our car and brought traffic to a halt. By the time we had stopped we could see there were quite a few cars and what appeared to be a tanker truck engulfed in flames. The flames shot high into the sky. You could feel the heat like you were standing in front of a fire place from where we were.

Soon most of us were out of our cars or standing on them looking at the carnage on the highway ahead of us. You could see people in their burning cars as well as some running around with their clothes on fire. It was the most hideous thing my wife and I had ever seen in our lives and is still to this day. Within a few minutes there were highway patrol and fire trucks coming from every direction. Eventually they were able to get the freeway traffic under control and had traffic diverted to different roads. After an hour, those of us that were closer were finally able to get off the freeway and back on our trek to our final destination.

We learned the accident was caused when a tanker truck was moving too fast and wound up plowing into some cars that had slowed causing the tanker to overturn with an ensuing explosion. The heat from the fire was so intense many of the cars and the truck had melted and the puddles of metal stuck to the concrete along with causing major damage to the concrete on the freeway, which had to be repaired prior to the freeway being reopened. There were eleven people killed and many more severely injured. I can tell you it did leave an indelible impression in our minds.

Not however, enough of an impression to keep me fixed on that horrible accident for a few miles down the road I had moved on and was back to thinking about getting home and getting down to business. I didn’t know the people. I had no connection. I felt horrible, but it was not something I could fix nor was it something I could change. I was ready to move on with my life and get back to what was most important to me. This is part of the selfish nature of the ‘Eyerotic Man.’

I was sure my wife felt the same, but I was greatly mistaken. This picture was burned into her consciousness. She couldn’t get passed it. The ride was quiet and although I thought she would begin her flirting, it never happened. As a matter of fact it was obvious she was intentionally not being sensuous. When we finally arrived home, which seemed like forever to me, I thought we would get down to it, but that didn’t happen. She started crying and talking about the victims of this horrible accident. She looked at me and asked how I could let what we saw go so easily and how I could be so amorous. I told her I didn’t know them, and I couldn’t change what happened and thus I moved on. She was unable to do that.

What I had done was missed the opportunity to talk to her on the way home. In this conversation I could have brought up how good she was at this and that and how great she looked in this and that and how incredibly fortunate I was to have her as my wife and life partner. How much I enjoyed being with her and how she was the prettiest woman in our group that night.

I am not saying this would have put her in a frame of mind to make love to me, but had I not been so selfish and had I not been thinking only of my selfish desires; I would have worked at helping her to move on and get back to the reality of our own lives. This would have been the romantic thing to do for if anything could have worked this might have been it. At least it would have helped her to calm down and sleep better, and this would have set up a great rendezvous for another night. It is romantic talk that makes it work for women. It is romantic talk into the ears, for the ears are the pathway to a woman’s heart that will grant a man access to all of her love.

It is because women are stimulated by sound. It is because women are stimulated by words. It is because women are stimulated by romantic conversation, that it can be said, ‘Women are Earotic.’ And it is true for women by nature are ‘Earotic.’

The best thing you could ever do as a husband is to learn to speak words of kindness, encouragement, gratitude, appreciation and praise to your wife. It will pay great dividends if you do. Give it a try.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox