Motivational Habit

“You can’t wait on the feeling of motivation before you start on the habit of doing what will take you where you want to go…” — Rick Cox

Motivation is often the reason for any action taken. Motivation is that which gives purpose and direction to behavior. Motivation is what drives you to behave in a certain way or take a particular direction or path. IT IS YOUR WHY! There is always a reason why someone is motivated. Usually, they are going to receive something they desperately want or desire. There are times however, we are not motivated or are struggling to get motivated. This is when a parent, coach, friend, or manager can help get you started. If you really want to get ahead, it is best not to wait on others to help give you the extra push; it is best to simply DO IT! This is why self-motivated people or self-starters as they are called are the ones most often ahead of all others.

In his lectures Jim Rohn, talked about motivation saying, the best motivation is self-motivation. He spoke of the guy who says, “I wish someone would come by and turn me on.” Well, Jim said, “What if that person never shows up? You need to have a better plan for your life; you need to be a self-starter; you need to be self-motivated.”

Although motivation can empower one beyond the starting point, it is not often strong enough to keep you going through to completion. It is for this reason you must learn to form the habit of doing what is necessary if you are to continue on the path of achievement and reach your dreams and desires. Jim Rohn further said, “Reasons come first and answers come second. When the human mind locks onto a personal obsession it does not need a book of instructions or a, training class, on how to take advantage of opportunity.” In other words, make sure there is a big enough reason behind why you are doing what you are doing and you will find enough motivation to accomplish the task or reach the goal.

As can be seen from the previous paragraph, motivation can be looked at as the WHY or the fundamental reason you desire something. When your why is big enough and strong enough, the obstacles become much smaller. Frequently, we are motivated to do something, but don’t know how it is going to get done. As Jim Rohn pointed out, the HOW doesn’t really matter; for if the WHY is strong enough, the how will soon be discovered. When you purpose to do something in your heart; when you make a quality decision to get it done, then all of heaven will align and as such will bring circumstances, people, as well as all necessary resources to help you to achieve that purpose.

It is important to remember, although everything appears to be working, this will not give you a license to cruise on streets of ease. Though you have everything at your disposal, unless you use them, unless you put them to work, they can never bring benefit to you. In order to ensure the best is happening on your behalf, let us give a simple explanation of motivation.

If motivation is THE WHY, this then explains your action, as well as that of your friends, not only now, but when you were all growing up. It also explains the action of your children. It definitely explained my actions as a child. The only thing I seemed to do was something that would get me into trouble. WHY was I MOTIVATED to do this? Well, as a child I never received accolades for doing something good, as a matter of fact if I was told anything it was only that I was not good enough or did not do good enough. Again, it seemed the only time I did get attention, it was for doing something negative. Getting in trouble brought my Dad’s attention and having his attention on me was what I sought. With this in mind, you might examine what is going on in your life for you might have formed a habit of doing the wrong things just so you can get attention. By now you might also be realizing this can and will carry over into all aspects of your life. Therefore, what you have to do is break the habit of doing wrong or screwing up just so you can get attention.

That being said, hopefully you now realize how it was you came to seek the negative attention and thereby, formed this habit. Forming habits is easier than one thinks for modern science has discovered it only takes twenty one days in a row, of doing the same thing, to form a habit. If you are one that needs to break a habit, then all that is required is to do something twenty one days in a row that will bring a positive result and you will have formed a positive habit. By doing this you are replacing the bad with the good while doing your part to take advantage of the circumstances, people and resources, which are made available to you.

We all need to examine our habits at times to determine whether they are bad or good. This is important for the bad habits will have us wandering off track as the emotion behind the motivation subsides. The obvious then is the good habits will keep us on track toward our positive goals. Doing positive things and getting positive results will make you a happier person, which will help keep you on track. Staying on track will help you reach those goals much quicker. By default, you will become a better example to all around you, especially your children if you have any – AND you do – remember there is always a child somewhere in your life that is looking up to you.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox