Moving Into the Future

“The future is a place you’ve never been before, and many people are a little nervous about entering it. They prefer the safe, familiar circumstances of the past. But, if you are constantly trying to relive the familiar past, you will never enjoy the rewarding future. The way to keep from reliving the familiar past is to take the irrevocable step of cutting yourself off from the past circumstances, so that your only choice is to move ahead.

Scottish mountaineer and writer William Hutchinson Murray several decades ago said, “Until one is committed, they will be hesitant, drawing back, and always ineffective.” It seems this belief never becomes antiquated. If you get and stay committed, you will find all kinds of ways to make the dream you created come true.

The only path is the one ahead. It focuses your energy and resources while multiplying your chances of success…” — Nido R. Qubein

Too often we are held or bound to the past because we are unable or unwilling to let go. There are many reasons we are unable let go. Often it is from bitterness and anger or we are unwilling due to our fear of the unknown. I know I harp on this over and over however, but unless we become as little children, not fearing the unknown, but facing our fears and continuing forward, we will wind up being bound to that which we feel is familiar. We will not continue on the path that lies ahead of us, but default to that which we believe to be safe, which is to remain in yesterday. Often that which we believe to be safe is found in the past however, staying in the past will keep us from becoming our best.

In the past there are no new seeds being planted from which you can receive a harvest. In other words when you are living in the past you are not planting seeds for your future. In the past there are no new adventures from which you can create new and exciting memories. In the past there is nothing alive and fresh.

The future is where you belong and though it is unfamiliar, it is there for you to discover and explore. The future offers you the dreams of your heart, but you must take the necessary steps toward that future and leave the past behind. You must commit to moving ahead. You must commit to becoming more. Do not allow your energy and resources to be drained off from the fears of the unfamiliar, but commit to focusing your energy and resources toward the success you desire.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox