Necessary to Succeed

To succeed, you must be able to deal with all sorts of people; listening to their ideas and observing their values without compromising your own principles. You must be secure enough in who you are to take criticism from foe and friend. When someone you love disappoints you, you can’t let the disappointment damage or destroy you. You must respect the values and opinions of others without allowing others to control your life. Is this a part of who you are? — Nido R. Qubein

There are a lot of things one must do in order to be a success however, what Mr. Qubein says above, is one of the most important – that is IF YOU WANT true success. Success isn’t just money. Success isn’t just fame. A large part of success is knowing who you are and remaining faithful to your convictions while respecting the values and beliefs of others.

I did marriage seminars for many years as well as wrote a book on marriage. I point this out to say that in my presentations and in the book I made the statement, “If both parties agree on everything, one of them is not necessary.” Truth is, we need the opinions and viewpoints of others in order to help us see the bigger picture. We also need the critiques of those that may not like us as well as those that love us.

Opposites attract, and the fact we are opposite usually winds up being an issue. Why? Well, after the infatuation wears thin, we will begin to see faults we never saw. This is because, as stated, they are opposite of us and may not like all we like, or do what we want, or enjoy what we enjoy, etc. As a result we may become critical of the very one we previously couldn’t do without. We are opposites however, by learning to accept each other and work together both can come from left and right to the middle, making a better whole.

Whether in a marriage relationship, business partnership, friendship, or a colleague at work, we need to listen to and respect the opinions of others as their viewpoint just may enlighten us to something we previously, didn’t see. More often than not you will find if you will truly listen to what is being said, giving it your full attention without discarding it, there may just be more than a nugget of truth in what has been said that could be the key to helping you get over the next hurdle and onto a higher level of success.

In my own personal life, I have learned as much listening to my two daughters as I have listening to anyone else regardless of their age. From the time my daughters were children and even up until now, they have had advice and insights that has been of great help. More often than not, when it was first offered, I was like, really, you are nine; really you are fourteen; really you are twenty five; really you are thirty…as the years passed they got older and so did I and of course I was sure I had more wisdom and experience. I might have had more years of experience, but those years might not have brought wisdom simply due to my viewing perspective. Once I heard things from their perspective, I saw things I hadn’t seen before. This can happen with anyone, even those we may not care to call friends. They still may have some insights or wisdom you need. Take it, appreciate it, be respectful and thank them, then go share what you have just learned with others.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox