Opting Out or Opting In

— Rick Cox

You can OPT OUT and be a pessimist or you can OPT IN and be an Optimist. The choice is yours to make and you do that each and every day with the choices you make. Those choices will determine how your tomorrow’s turn out. Those that Opt Out do so because they get to a place where they no longer believe things will work out or will turn around for their betterment. Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn so continue to remain Positive and Optimistic.

You can either:
Opt out and be hopeless or Opt In and be full of Hope
Opt out and be depressed or Opt In and be full of Joy
Opt out and be defeated or Opt In to become and remain a Winner
Opt out and be in darkness or Opt In and walk in the Light
Opt out and be discouraged or Opt In and be full of Encouragement
Opt out and be in despair or Opt In and be Bright and Cheerful
Opt out and be in self-pity or Opt In and be full of Self-Confidence and Self-Assurance

Instead of Opting Out, learn to have an attitude of Thankfulness, and Gratefulness. Learn to have an Attitude of Gratitude. Learn to be appreciative of what you have already. Learn to look at only that which is positive. Do not fear the negative, but do not allow it to rule and run your life. Stay positive, believing all will work out to your good.

When you Opt out, you are walking in the opposite of a walk of Thankfulness or an attitude of Praise. You are walking around with a disparaging, deprecating and critical attitude, denouncing that which could be of help to you through the thinking and speaking of negative – damaging words.

When you Opt In, you are walking in an attitude of Thankfulness, which in essence is a form of Praise for all of the good things in your life. This attitude will check you and hold you back from speaking the negative. It will help you to focus on speaking the positive. In doing this you will find all things will work for your good.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox