Purpose • The Necessary Fuel

” — Rick Cox”

There’s a word describing what drives us
Yet this word only a few do engage
It’s the reason most people aren’t happy
Winding up on the wrong side of sage

When one is given enough reason
This reason provides what they need
For it gives fuel enough and aplenty
Making sure the ability to succeed

But most have no fuel to propel them
Their lives just a circus it seems
Through life they do drudgingly travel
Without any goals and or dreams

The fuel one does need is sufficient
To bring them to all their desire
It is found in a word that’s efficient
To lead you right up to the wire

What’s needed as said is just reason
Enough reason to bring to the surface
And when enough reason’s discovered
You will find that your life now has purpose

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox