“Anything that causes you to overreact or underreact can control you, and often does…” — David Allen

David Allen is the author of a book called, “Getting Things Done.” It is a book on time management. There are many books, CD’s, and blogs about time management, but David’s book, hits the nail on the head. His belief is your mind was created for Getting Things Done, not holding them. He believes we should be thinking ABOUT things rather than thinking OF them. Thinking of something does nothing other than occupy your mind, yet has no goal or objective as to what to do with what you have in mind. Thinking about something allows your mind to work its magic to solve, achieve, complete, repair, start or whatever it is you need to get done with regard to that something.

When all we do is to think OF things we often wind up either overreacting or underreacting to what is on our mind. We overreact when the thought OF something has been on our minds, but we have done nothing about it and time has run out. We can also underreact because we think, “Well, I’ve been giving it some thought and nothing has come to mind regarding what to do. Seeing as how nothing has come to mind and the fact I have been worrying about, that is all I can do…as a result we underreact.

The two reactions show two different people. One is concerned about how they look while the other is not. Those concerned about how they look will overreact so that those around them believe they have really done all they can. The one that is not concerned is the one thinking they have done all they can do because they have worried about it but nothing got fixed so it isn’t their problem or issue.

The key is to:

Capture and identify everything that has your attention. This needs 100% of your attention. It should obviously include that which is little, big, personal and professional. All of your responsibilities.

Clarify and prioritize them into what needs to be done with each. This gets us back to the TRAF method of Trash, Refer, Act on or File.

Organize your information so it is easily accessed. It should also have the ability to remind you when it needs your attention.

Reflect on your To-Do-List frequently. Learn to develop this discipline. This should be done daily, weekly and monthly and even yearly.

Engage yourself in following through on what your system is now telling you is most important. By taking the appropriate action you will find yourself more confident with much less stress.

Finally, what I have found to help me as well is to give it my best at 110%. When I have done all I can do and given it my best, I have learned to rest in the fact God is also involved making sure all things work to my good regardless of how it may look at the time.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox