Risk I

“Walking down the sidewalk is as much of a risk as driving or flying for almost anything can be a risk, but the reward of arriving at your destination is almost always worth the risk that is taken…” — Rick Cox

The economy has sidelined the majority of those who once believed or thought of themselves as risk-takers, but actually were not. Most are now waiting and watching as well as wondering and wishing for the economy to turn in hopes of them jumping back in with both feet unaware that tens of millions of other so-called risk takers will be joining them, doing the same. The problem is when the risk is gone, so is the golden opportunity. By the time you hear of its potential opportunity, others are already doing it. At this point it will be too late as the time for you to have grabbed the ring will have passed. The best time to do anything is when it comes to you as an idea even if it is a risk.

The time to do it is NOW!

It is unfortunate, but not all people understand this, which is why there are entrepreneurs and why there are employees. Upon examination one would call the employers optimists and the employee’s pessimists for the optimist believe things will work out while the pessimist is concerned more with failure and how things might not work out. Entrepreneurs are those that take the risks for they understand the concept of, ‘to the risk taker will go the spoils.’

The entrepreneur is the one carrying the burden of bank rolling the business by making payroll every week in order for the employees to receive their checks without fail and moving ahead in the face of fear. They are the ones who line up more work especially when the company initially starts. They organize the business by setting up structure and process. They oversee growth while doing the hiring and firing. They make and set goals as well implementing the plans to achieve them. They are the only one taking care of business while doing the technical side of things at the same time. In other words, they are the one driving the bus to its successful destination and therefore, it is to this person the spoils are due.

When times are tough, like they are now, have been in the past and will be in the future, is when you need to reach in and dig out what is already inside you. In reaching inside, you can bring out a blessing to yourself, your family and many others. Although making the decision to trust in that which is within you can be scary and fearful, facing fears is part of growth and maturation. The fact is, God has given all of us certain talents and gifts, but it is up to us to turn them into skills. It is also important to follow that for which you already have a gift or talent as it is easier to turn these into skills then to start from scratch. It may take developing a passion for it, but doing so can open up the door to continual opportunities. The good thing about following that for which you already have a gift or talent is a gifted person can turn a skill into an art form while others simply become skilled. Both are good and both are skilled however, one is exceptional.

This may all sound good, but what about the risk, you might ask? The risk of learning something new is difficult for this means you must give up that which is comfortable. You must give up that which you are already doing and step out into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown is obviously risky and it is risk most will do their best to avoid.

More often than not, you are doing that which you do because it came easier than anything else you could have done hence, the reason you are doing it. There is the risk of giving up large amounts of your time to work at something that may not pay off as quickly as you want or need it to. The risk of doing anything new comes without a guarantee there will be a paycheck at the end of the week. Ah, but the rewards; the rewards will be that you will enjoy doing something you love and will surely and eventually be rewarded for far greater for doing it.

I once attended a seminar hosted by a company whose spokes-person is viewed as the number one email marketing guru in the world. During the seminar he stated many are doing much better than just getting by yet, it seems there are many sitting on the sidelines whining about how there is nothing to do because there is nothing going on.

What may seem odd is though the economy may appear as if there is nothing going on, this person is swamped and is traveling all over the world speaking on the opportunities of email marketing for businesses of any type or size be they large Fortune 500 entities or small Mom & Pop shops. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact many are now willing to take the risk seeing as how they have little left to lose. Even though they have for all intents and purposes been pushed into it, they are now finding ways to adapt to the changing climate both mentality and emotionally. They are looking for ways to make themselves of service to those around them. They are making new friends and contacts around the world by bringing to those friends something they need via the internet.

It is true the world as we have known it has been turned upside down, but to those who keep an open mind, stay with the hard work, continue to study, and are willing to take the risks, the opportunities will come to them, bypassing those sitting on the sidelines. It is the ones willing to take the risk of moving into something new that will be rewarded for their efforts while those on the sideline will only get the crumbs falling from the table. This is the way it is and the way it will always be.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox