Risk & Reward II

“As the saying goes, “To those who take the risks go the spoils” – and so it is when you see others doing well you should know it came with risk so ask yourself, what am I willing to risk to get what I want…” — Rick Cox

There are so many risks one can take in life. You can risk your love, your possessions, your relationships, your time, your life, the risks are endless. The question then, ‘is the risk necessary and if so, what is the reward?’ This is always followed up by the question, ‘Does the reward justify the risk?’ The final question ones needs to ask, ‘is this a risk I am taking based on knowledge-experience or am I simply jumping into something because I am emotionally involved or invested?’

It is important to remember one must understand every risk comes with a price. In other words, there is going to be something that has to be paid in one way, shape, or form, in order to get the reward after taking the risk. The issue is most are not willing to pay ‘the price’ it will take to get what they want. We all want, but few are willing to risk much of anything to make their dreams come true. Few are willing to pay the price required to get the reward at the end of the risk. It is like following the rainbow to the pot of gold. What mountains and valleys are you going to have to cross to get to the end of the rainbow and how bad is the weather going to be as you travel that distance? All risk has a price tag attached to it, but are you willing to endure and pay what the risk will cost in order to get the reward?

Of all risks I have taken, the part of every risk I feel has the most impact is what I have done with my time. I say this because time is something you can never get back. I believe of all the assets one may have, time should be the one valued the most. With time you can study books, gain experience, hone in a skill and get better at using your natural gifts; therefore, given enough time and using it wisely you can buy what you want. Since time cannot be brought back it is imperative to understand whatever you do you are risking running out of the time necessary to become what it takes to have what you want. Said another way, you are running out of the time required to gather the spoils.

The obvious question then is, ‘what are we doing with our time?’ Are we risking our time doing that which will not bring us ‘the spoils or rewards we seek?’ Are we risking our time by being mindlessly entertained for hours without challenging our self to become more? What it is we need to know about risk is that which was said in a previous Daily Insight & Inspiration, Risk: “To those who risk the most go the spoils.” So, maybe we need to ask ourselves what it is we are risking. The answer just might be, we are not risking much or not risking enough. This is usually not what we want to hear however, if we are sincere in wanting to enjoy even a small amount of the spoils then we need to risk that which is required of everyone. That which is required of us all is to learn to spend our time wisely, using it as our most valuable asset to purchase the knowledge and wisdom needed to obtain what we want.

Those achieving the most in life are usually the ones risking the most while those waiting for the perfect time, situation or opportunity seldom achieve more than mediocrity. Unfortunately for those waiting for the perfect time, situation or opportunity their most precious asset is being wasted. While they wait, precious time is ticking away taking with each passing second more of their opportunity, TO MAKE something of value happen.

Indeed risk has a price, but most of the time the experience of what we risk is worth the trip all by itself; for if we take the trip with the right attitude then we are very likely to learn valuable yet, memorable things about ourselves and others.

On the other hand we can have the wrong attitude and wind up bitter and angry while focused on the sacrifices and hard work rather than the rewards enjoyed during and at the end of the journey. For as the saying goes, to those who take the risk, go the spoils. With that in mind, when you see others doing well, it is best to realize more often than not their success came with hard work and risk and a lot of it. Rather than be jealous ask yourself what you are willing to risk to get what you want.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox