Say What You Mean

“Say what you mean, precisely what you mean, and only what you mean…” Nido R. Qubein

The bottom line when all is said and done is this: “Will what you said be understood and comprehended? Is what you think you are saying being heard the way you believe it should be? Most of us believe ourselves to be good if not very good at communication, but the fact is, we are often not as good as we believe. It all boils down to these six things:

What you actually said – vs – What they actually heard

What you think you said – vs – What they think they heard

What they think you said – vs – What you think they heard

I call this the Law of Hearing Dynamics. It is why most of us have an issue with communication. It is why well educated attorneys win lawsuits and polished politicians dupe people into believing what they are saying. These two types of professional have a command of their language. Both have studied it. Both know the results of saying only what they want heard in a manner that will bring forth the result they seek.

Those attorneys and politicians that have the best people skills will win over the jury’s and the people to their way of thinking. In speaking always remember the Law of Hearing Dynamics. Doing so will help you to do your best to articulate. The next time you are listening, remember the Law of Hearing Dynamics for in so doing you will be mindful of knowing what you are hearing may not be what they are trying to articulate. Listening takes more effort if you are going to hear what is truly being said.

For your benefit and that of your family and friends, please take the time to say what you mean as well as mean what you say. Your ability to communicate will be directly tied to the level of success you will achieve.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox