Self Criticism Part 1

“We are often our own worst critic, even our own worst enemy when we allow our self-criticism to be so harsh and destructive it causes failure to become a self-fulfilling prophecy in our live…” — Rick Cox

That which is mentioned above is a direct result of self-fulfilling prophecy becoming a failure tape that plays over and over at the most inopportune times doing its best to ensure your defeat. It happens every time we get close to the winners circle for as soon as we start approaching it, this failure tape starts playing and down we go becoming a failure once again. After this takes place over and over in our lives it becomes very hard to keep trying. The truth is many won’t. To make a decision not to try is to guarantee you will never achieve, never be your best and never live a life fulfilled. We must all commit to continuing the fight of faith, which is in essence the fight of believing you can. For those who do continue, the winners circle will eventually be theirs to enjoy.

If you were raised by parents proficient at instilling healthy self-images in their children then you are one of the fortunate ones to have a head start on the majority. If you were not, you have some extra homework in order to “get on the same playing field” with those that did.

Individuals with a poor self-image usually find it is as easy to criticize themselves as others. The very nature of man leans in the direction of the negative. To prove this point take the next few days making note of all the negative things said by yourself first then others second. You will be amazed. Most of our conversations are filled with negative words and connotations. So much of our speech is composed of negative words, inflection, meaning, or intent. Recognition of this natural human trait along with a strong desire to correct it will be necessary if one is going to grow to their full potential. It is also instrumental in helping separate ourselves from a life of defeat and failure.

For those who have been raised with an unhealthy or poor self-image you can make corrections by watching what you hear, read, say and believe. Those with a poor self-image are affected in a greater manner by what is heard, read, and said than those with a healthy self-image. WHEN YOUR HEART HAS AN IMAGE OF YOU AS A LOSER AND FAILURE YOU WILL FULFILL WHAT THE IMAGE DICTATES. The good news is the conscience or heart is changeable. One can decide to change what they believe about themselves or about other things as well. This works in both directions, for good or bad. The choice is up to you.

Therein, lays the answer to dealing with the self-image issue: CHOICE. We choose what we say, what we read and what we hear. We can choose with whom we associate and where we go. We can choose to believe we are better than we may have been told as a child. We can choose to believe we were born winners. We can choose to believe we are capable of anything we set our minds and hearts to accomplish. Take the time to write down the person you want to be. Look at it, read it aloud before you go to bed and first thing in the morning. Find positive recordings and listen to these rather than the news, reading the paper or listening to music which carries mostly a negative message. The vast majority of news of any sort is negative and will add more fear and insecurity to the heart of those having a poor self-image.

The thoughts of most are negative and the negative speech will follow. If one wants to stop this they can reverse the order by watching what they say (eventually changing what you think) and speaking in the following manner:

If you say:

• That scares me to death
• I am famished and starving
• I am such a loser
• I am brain dead
• I am going to die
• You are killing me
• I won’t forget

Say instead:

• I am thrilled to life
• I could eat something
• This could jump start my life
• I am a real winner
• I have a great mind
• I am going to live
• You cause me to be full of life
• I will remember…etc.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox