Some Encouragement for Today

One of the keys to being able to enjoy life to the fullest is to become a person of Optimism. Many people don’t like doing this because after “TRYING IT” for a couple days, a week, or a month, they get discouraged when everything doesn’t work out to their advantage and give up. They expect all things to be peachy dandy. They expect nothing to oppose them or work against them and when it does they get discouraged and quit trying. This leads to the choice of not wanting to be an optimist because they feel they will be letdown if things do not turn out the way they wanted. The letdown is too much or too hurtful so they quit expecting good in their lives. This is so they are not disappointed when they don’t get what they expected.

What most, with this mindset do not realize is that things seldom turn exactly the way they expected or even sometimes close to what was expected. Yes, there are times when things do, but more often than not there has been a twist or turn or some sort of detour that was required to get where you wanted to go or to achieve what you wanted to achieve. When it finally happens down the road, and when you stay with it, it always does, they forget that is what they wanted all along but because it was down the road a bit they forgot it was what they wanted all along. Things did turn out but they didn’t see or recognize it because it didn’t happen within their time frame.

Optimism isn’t something you try, it is a way of life. It is about expecting the best. It is about believing all will work out for you regardless of how it may appear at the time. It is believing there is always an answer as well as a way around the obstacle. It is knowing what is in you is available to help you get where you need to be when you need to be. It is about believing what you are dreaming and praying about will come to pass so don’t give up. Be prepared for the good that is about to come.

It isn’t being arrogant. It isn’t being proud. It is believing you have within you all that is necessary to get where your heart has desired to take you. Once again, it is believing all will work to your good.

With this in mind, I have put some things together for you to use as Daily Confessions. The first one of many is below:

If we decide to be an optimist then we will believe God can do the impossible. AGAIN, we will believe it. We will declare it. We will confess it until every doubt, worry, and fear, vanish. When that happens our belief and confession will be: “God, You are so good. You make all things possible. I know all things will work to my good!”

Develop this mindset and hold fast to it. When you do, things will work out to your good…though not immediately, but always right on time.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox