Something You Enjoy

“Make a decision to do something you enjoy; make a decision to do something that makes you feel confident and happy; something that gives you significance and fills you with enthusiasm then dive into it and give it your all…” — Rick Cox

It is true the ‘fruits of a fulfilling life’ are by-products of doing what you enjoy; and they are for the simple reason you are passionate about what you do. When you are passionate you are in harmony with the world. You will attract what you need for your passion will act as a magnet bringing to you all that is necessary to bear this fruit. When you are passionate you will strive for excellence as nothing else will suffice. Your love for life will be evident by how you act, what you say and the way you treat those around. You will even find yourself to have the ability to change the mind and heart of the skeptic.

I am reminded of a story about a young man who did not enjoy his job. He loathed getting up to another day of the same, as he felt it added no lasting value to his life nor did he find meaning in the performing of this work. It was evident in his attitude toward what he did for many years until he decided if this was what he had to do then he would do it and do it, well. With this renewed attitude he worked at doing his current job well, while beginning to formulate a plan for doing what he loved. What he loved had been a stirring in his heart for some time. What he loved was dealing with and categorizing the facts with regard to Beatle Memorabilia, records, posters, etc. Through previous research he found no one had put out a book on Beatle Memorabilia so; he set out on a quest to make this happen.

After spending another year at his current job while doing what he loved on the side, he quit that job pouring himself into his passion. It took two very long years. For those two years he became a hermit doing little else other than pushing toward the completion of the book, getting it ready to take to the publisher. Everyone thought he had gone off the deep end as he did little else. He never went out of his house and was thus pale and gaunt having lost significant weight due to not eating. His house fell into disarray; his plants and grass died; he fell behind on all of his payments and his credit card was maxed out, but finally, it was finished.

Now it was time to get it published, but getting it published was going to cost him five thousand dollars. This amount of money was astronomical as he was already in serious financial trouble. The only thing he could do was to sell what little he had left and that he did, leaving himself with nothing on which to fall back. At this point, he wasn’t sure he could save his house and because he had not worked, he had not filed income tax papers for over two years and stood to be in trouble with the IRS.

The book, costing him five thousand dollars to publish did not make money and thus he did not get back what he had put in, at least not initially. What this book did do however, was get him started on a career of doing what he loved. Shortly thereafter, even though the book sold less than five thousand copies, at least he had a book and due to this he came to be viewed as the expert in Beatle Memorabilia. People soon began to call him for his expertise and he found himself being paid to write articles in rock journals and magazines.

Today, many years later, he is a respected writer with more than a dozen books as well as becoming a world renowned authority on all Beatle Memorabilia, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys and many other rock icons. He is a testimony that truly, you can do what you love and be rewarded. It depends on how strong your commitment. As long as there is even the most minute possibility you will walk away and go back to the old job then you will not be successful at making what you love, pay off. You must commit to it.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the genius French General found the same when arriving at the country of his enemies ordering his men to torch the boats in which they had just landed on shore. In doing so he told his men we either win or we perish. This must be your belief if you are to win at life or life will do it’s very best to defeat you. Do not give in, but continue standing in faith, believing that what you want will come to pass.

This was the attitude taken by my youngest brother, the writer of the above mentioned books. He made a commitment to do what he enjoyed not allowing any obstacle to stand in his way. He began doing what he felt was something of significance yet, it was not the easiest road to take. As a matter of fact, the road was full of obstacles to overcome, but the fruit was produced in the overcoming. Just because we love doing something does not mean it will be easy. It may in fact be the hardest road to travel, but it will by far be the most fruitful and fulfilling.

Maybe it is time, you stop taking the easy roads; which bear no fruit, provide no fulfillment, nor make of you anyone of significance. Yes, it is true these roads can be frightening however; do we not sometimes find that which is fearful to be a little enticing as well? Take a step of faith. Head down the road and your courage will grow as you begin to see the fruit trees ahead.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox